How much would Fiorentina earn by winning the Conference League?

How much would Fiorentina earn if they won the Conference League final in Athens? Let’s find out together

Last season Fiorentina managed to obtain around 18 million euros from the Conference League, having reached the final and having, unfortunately, lost it. Otherwise they would have been even more! Now, the Viola find themselves in the Conference League final for another year, after having reconfirmed Europe, through the championship, also for next season. This time the match will be played in Athens against Olympiacos, Wednesday 29 May at 9pm. Now the Viola will have to give their all to avenge last seasonalso in honor of the late general manager, Joe Barone.

New format

There is also a factor to take into account before talking about numbers, because from next season (2024/25), the three European competitions (Champions League, Europa League and Conference League) they will change. After just three seasons, the tournament will say goodbye to the group stage exactly as will happen for the two “big sisters”. In this case too we will move on to the con format single group and the participation of 36 teams (against the 32 who qualified in recent years) e there will no longer be any crossovers with Europa League teams. Unlike the other two tournaments, however, the challenges played in the first phase will not increase.

What will change?

Each team will play six games (eight in the Champions League and Europa League), all against different opponents, three at home and three away. The top eight qualifiers will go directly to the round of 16, while the teams from 9th to 24th place will compete in the playoffs. The smaller number of games compared to the other two tournaments will mean that the teams involved in the Conference will not take the field in January. The first phase will begin on 3 October next year and will end on 19 December, but a week of “exclusivity” is still planned in which the cup will take the European stage: here the teams will only take the field on Thursdays. To conclude this discussion, there will be a further change regarding the third European competition, because The name will also partially change. In fact, it will no longer be the UEFA Europa Conference League, but the UEFA Conference League.

How much does Fiorentina earn from the Conference?

According to data collected by Football and Financethe revenues to be calculated for Fiorentina start from bonus for participation, equal to 2.94 million euros (price unchanged from last year). They are then added to the initial bonus revenues from historical ranking, which for the Viola amount to 1.34 million euros, a figure slightly higher than last season (1.29). Then, there is the calculation to do market poolwhich as he estimated Football and Finance it is based on the amount collected by Fiorentina in the past football season, which is around 2.6 million euros.

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