Weather forecast in Italy, End of May with polar air: thunderstorms, wind and snow up to 1500 meters

Weather forecast in Italy, End of May with polar air: thunderstorms, wind and snow up to 1500 meters
Weather forecast in Italy, End of May with polar air: thunderstorms, wind and snow up to 1500 meters

A record-breaking month of May with increasingly frequent rainfall in Northern Italy and temperatures locally below average; Nonetheless, on a global level we are heading towards the twelfth consecutive hottest month in history.

Antonio Sanò, founder of the site www.-, confirms the trend of global warming, even if the African heat has not yet arrived in Italy and summer seems far away. At a global level, the land and oceans have a very high temperature compared to the climatological averages for the months of May; Italy is somewhat of the exception that proves the rule.

And more rain and temperature drops will arrive in the next few days: in particular, the next few hours will see frequent storm outbreaks on the Adriatic side and, from the evening, also in the North; in the far south and in Sardinia the weather will be splendid with lots of sunshine and highs of up to 27-30°C.

The new Northern European disturbance

But a new Northern European disturbance, even more intense, is on the horizon: a nucleus of polar air, descending from the North Sea, is ready to wedge itself, like a bullet, towards the South, up to the heart of the Po Valley. The target will be reached in Thursday 30th afternoon and Friday 31stconcluding a very rainy month with the arrival of more buckets of water.

Thursday morning the umbrellas will already open across the entire North-East, then from the afternoon also over the North-West and the Marche. The first stormy phenomena, even intense ones, are expected due to the strong contrast between the Mediterranean spring air and the rapidly descending polar core from the North Sea; but the worst will come during Black Friday.

Friday 31 Maya worthy conclusion to a very rainy month, could in fact be a Black Friday from a meteorological point of view in the North: storms, hailstorms, possible tornadoes and a drop in temperatures are expected which would also favor the return of snow up to 1500-1800 meters on the Alps. At the moment, the trajectory of the polar core is expected to immediately bounce back towards the North-East and head towards Austria and then Germany: in this way the weekend would be saved.

If the trajectory is confirmed by weather models, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June, Republic Day, there could be two sunny days, although we expect an increase in instability for Sunday afternoon with some scattered showers. However, it would be the end of a super wet May and the beginning of a month which as early as 5-6 June could present the first summer features, with peaks of 35°C not excluded even in Central Italy.

In the meantime, let’s prepare for the Polar Core, then we’ll think about the Italian summer; as mentioned, the African heat will not arrive before June 5 or 6, Monday 3 in fact, more rain and falling temperatures are expected across a large part of the country.


Wednesday 29th. In the North: afternoon showers in the Alps. In the Centre: showers in the Apennines and the Middle Adriatic. In the South: thunderstorms along the mountains.

Thursday 30. In the North: disturbance descending from the North Sea. In the Centre: some rain between Eastern Tuscany and Marche. In the South: sunny.

Friday 1. In the North: intense thunderstorm disturbance and temperature drop. In the Center: thunderstorms between Tuscany and Marche, sun elsewhere. In the South: sunny and warmer.

Trend: sunniest weekend except for afternoon showers on Sunday 2 June.

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