The top management of Federfarma Potenza has been renewed

The top management of Federfarma Potenza has been renewed
The top management of Federfarma Potenza has been renewed

Wednesday 29 May 2024 – Following elections, the governing and control bodies of Federfarma Potenza were renewed for the three-year period 2024-2027.
Carlo Claps was reconfirmed as President, Maria Giuseppina Oliveti was elected vice president, Donatello Papa was secretary, Alfonso Giudice was treasurer, Luca Girasole was rural delegate. Bernardino Ciano, Sergio Mallamo, Pace Giovanna and Domenicantonio Verrastro were appointed as councilors. Luciana Giuzio as President and Chiara Laguardia, substitute Domenico Piizzi, were elected effective members of the board of auditors. Domenico Armentano, Giuseppina Gramegna, Mariangela Tuzio have been appointed to the Board of Arbitrators.

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Federfarma – it is specified in a note – represents the point of reference for the territory in the area 156 pharmacies located throughout the province of Potenza and is always very active in discussions on the main health issues with political, technical and administrative bodies, as well as representing the fundamental point for liaison with drug manufacturing companies and intermediate distributors.
Furthermore, through its service company ‘Promofarma’ it has activated IT platforms at the service of all members to allow pharmacies to supply the population with the new services falling within the scope of ‘community pharmacies’.

It is no coincidence that Federfarma promotes professional refresher courses also on telemedicine activities, on the performance of other social and healthcare workers such as nurses and physiotherapists, and on monitoring the use of drugs to ensure adherence to therapies.
Federfarma does not lack attention to information campaigns in the social-health sector to raise awareness among citizens who are users in all areas of pharmaceuticals as well as prevention.

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President Carlo Claps is satisfied “for the reconfirmation of the entire team and for the new entry of young professionals, useful not only to carry out a generational change in step with the times, but also to contribute to trade union activity in a particular moment of change in pharmacies Basilicata which are even closer to the territory”.

For the President of Federfarma Basilicata Antonio Guerricchio “there is satisfaction with these appointments which reward the work carried out in recent years and which at the same time, with the entry of young colleagues, look to the future of the profession.
The union of projects and union vision that distinguishes the representatives of the two Lucanian provinces can only strengthen the planning of Federfarma Basilicata and encourage better assistance to citizens”.

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