La Rennaisance Valdôtaine: Giovanni Girardini confirmed president

The new management of La Renaissance


Roberta Carla Balbis is the secretary; Elso Gerardin, former Uvp and former Mouv’, is part of the new board

La Rennaisance Valdôtaine: Giovanni Girardini confirmed president. This is what the assembly of members of the civic movement voted. Roberta Carla Balbis it’s the secretary.

The board of directors

They are also part of the new management team Orianna Cremonese (administrative secretary), Elso Gerardin And Rossana Scapoli (advisers). The planning table will be composed not only of the board of directors but also of the two city councilors Cristina Dattola and Eleonora Baccini together with the elect Daniela Pagani, Arianna Viglino And Aldo Vittaz.

The youth group will be led by the President Roberto Mestieri.

During the assembly, the common line was established for the activities of the coming months, in the city and at a regional level, defining themes and priorities and a new working group was created, which will be committed to coordinating and managing the movement’s projects .

The comment

Giovanni Girardini, president of La Renaissance valdôtaine states: «People are tired and dissatisfied with this policy, let’s join forces to create something different that is more in contact with people. We are here and we want to work together to create synergies not only in the city of Aosta and its surroundings, but also in the lateral valleys. We’ve been waiting for someone on our wavelength for a long time and now we’re happy to have found him.”

From the next meeting of the operational table we will proceed with the planning of activities in the area.

In the attached photo from left to right: Elso Gerardin (councillor), Rossana Scapoli (councillor), Giovanni Girardini (president), Roberta Carla Balbis (secretary), Aldo Vittaz (elected) and Orianna Cremonese (administrative secretary).


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