Bradyseism and earthquake in the Phlegraean Fields, displaced people fear looting

In Pozzuoli, red and white ribbons signal the damage. They can be seen in Piazza a Mare, where they limit access to the tents to occupants and civil protection personnel, and in every wounded corner of the city, where there are vacated buildings or sinkholes caused by water leaks. White and red delimit danger, whether it’s stone-like pieces of plaster or rough dust in damaged buildings, on sidewalks or in the streets. They indicate cracks and fissures that are also visible from the outside, separating the city between the exhausted and the resilient parts. After the seismic swarm on Monday evening, caused by the 4.4 magnitude quake, Pozzuoli has a double skin. Some buildings have lost their plaster, revealing the tuff underneath, while others remain intact: unharmed and earthquake-proof.

Acts of looting are feared

The night between Friday and Saturday, from 2.58 am, Pozzuoli started shaking again. This time he had the strongest shock magnitude 2.7, with epicenter at a depth of 2 kilometers. “They always come at night,” the citizens report. Almost like the monster in childhood fairy tales, who waits for evening to come out into the open. Maybe so, or maybe at night they feel more vulnerable and they live the fear of fear itself, the one that makes you go to sleep with your clothes on or with an already full bag near the front door. They have never stopped “dancing”, as the citizens of Pozzuoli say, but now we continue with a wounded city. The civil protection tents they appear like a plaster for those who are afraid of returning to a damaged but not yet checked home.

«After the last shock my house is full of cracks and I’m afraid to go back. They told me that there are over 800 reports and we have to wait our turn”, he explains Maria Nappi resident in Viale Bognar. From the tent city in via Vecchia delle Vigne, however, Angela shows the eviction order and a sheet issued to her on Friday, at Palatrincone by Municipality operators, with an identification number to obtain temporary accommodation. Her house is a few meters away and there fear of acts of profiteering is added to that of bradyseism. “We went down to intimidate some kids who were riding around on scooters and who were intending to enter our houses,” says the citizen.

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