World Play Day. Amga’s appeal to young people against vandalism

World Play Day. Amga’s appeal to young people against vandalism
World Play Day. Amga’s appeal to young people against vandalism

It is celebrated today, May 28th World Game Day, initiative established by the UN to affirm a fundamental right of all children: that of having fun with games suited to their age, in the awareness that recreational and recreational activities are not only a form of socialization and cognitive stimulation, but also a means of social inclusion. In the age of video games, psychologists and pediatricians emphasize the importance of outdoor play, to combat sedentary lifestyle, social isolation and allow children to “reclaim” the green spaces of the city.

AMGA, a subsidiary company from the Legnano area, which deals with the maintenance of greenery and play equipment present in parks and public gardens, on this particular day wishes to highlight the importance of preserving this heritage, not only because it has significant costs, but precisely because it is a tool of growth for the children of the city.

«The protection of slides, swings, spring games, fitness games, etc., is one of our main activities – explains Angelo Vavassori, manager of the AMGA Business Unit dedicated to the maintenance of public green areas and play equipment. It is important, first of all, that the latter comply with the safety standards referred to in the UNI EN 1176 and EN 1177 regulations, which dictate precisely the essential requirements so that games, floors and coverings of the surfaces surrounding the recreational areas can be defined as “safe”.

«However – continues Vavassori – it is not sufficient for these requirements to be respected during the design and installation phase: a timely and constant monitoring activity is also required, aimed at verifying the maintenance of safety conditions. The 100 games featured in 23 green areas of Legnanor (gardens via Liguria/via Sondrio, Cimarosa, Quadrio, Carducci, Sardinia, Montecassino, Turin, Venice, Acacie, Menotti, Anna Frank, Filzi, piazza Trento Trieste, El Alamein,
Allende, Spallanzani, Caravaggio, Volta, Collodi – nursery school, Colombes – Salvo D’Acquisto nursery school, Sauro/De Amicis, Napoli, Falcone and Borsellino), are the subject of quarterly operational inspections, aimed at verifying a series of parameters, such as the state of conservation of the flooring and foundations, the stability of the equipment, the correct tightening of screws and bolts, the
state of the paintwork; the lubrication of the joints. And again, the possible presence of parts that are chipped, missing or damaged by wear, rather than by vandalism. The latter, unfortunately, appear in first place in the ranking of causes that lead a game to be declared “dangerous” or even “not up to standard”.

100 benches damaged in one year

«In most cases – continues Vavassori – it is not the children those responsible for this damage, but adolescents and young people, who often find themselves in playgrounds in the evening and carry out these antics, which cause considerable inconvenience, considering not only the replacement costs, which are important, but also the difficulty and waiting times one often encounters in finding the spare parts. Operational inspections are followed by ordinary maintenance and, if necessary, extraordinary maintenance. AMGA, however, does not only take care of the maintenance of the games, but also of the approximately 400 benches and 123 fountains present in Legnano, which are also unfortunately the subject of frequent vandalism. Only on the slope
of drinking fountains, AMGA replaces an average of 40 taps per year due to vandalism: things aren’t any better on the data front benches (100 damages per year), which require repairs or even total replacement”.

In Paragiago

The same work is carried out in the area of ​​Parabiago, another municipality in which AMGA takes care of the maintenance of public green areas and play equipment. The latter are around 80, present in the 19 public parks and gardens present in the capital and in the hamlets (via Tintoretto/Comerio, Ungaretti, Diaz, Pindemonte, Ovidio, Olona, ​​piazza don Franco Facchetti- via
Tiber, Casorezzo, piazza dono Carlo Sada, Pergolesi/Giacosa, delle Orchidee/delle Viola, via don Balzarini- retirement home, via Brescia-schools, via Crivelli, Corvini, Campania, Gramsci-schools, Gajo-schools, Casorezzo, area
dogs of Villastanza).

The appeal to young people

On this particularly significant day, AMGA launches an appeal to young people: «Take a step back in time and remember when you too were children. Respect their spaces and their rights, because a city a
child-friendly it is a city suitable for everyone.

AMGA has also recently taken over the management and maintenance of the green areas and play equipment of the 4 playgrounds in Canegrate: they are in good condition, but will still be subject to constant monitoring.

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