Generational indices, Messina remains in the queue

Usual data, usual warnings, usual considerations. Every time a ranking is released on the various aspects of the “Quality of life” in Italian cities and provinces, it must be underlined in the introduction that everything is questionable, that the parameters used in the research are questionable, that the urban areas of the South have always been, and they will still be, penalized and that, in the end, whoever sees a ranking with Sondrio in the lead, and Messina in 92nd place, he can also say, “ah, yes?” and continue to think that he would never exchange the Strait for Valtellina…
But they are useful tools, these rankings, and that is why it is necessary to analyze them. The latest, in chronological order, was presented in recent days at the Trento Economics Festival. This is the Report, published by the “Sole 24 Ore”, on the “Generational Indices”. It is the “Report on the Quality of Life by population groups”, from children and young people to the elderly.
Out of 107 provinces, Messina occupies 92nd position. In first place is Sondrio from Lombardy, Ravenna and Trieste on the podium, then in the top ten Gorizia, Udine, Lecco, Aosta, Padua, Siena and Trento. The last places, as always, are reserved for Sicily, Calabria and Campania, with Crotone bringing up the rear, Palermo in one hundred and sixth place, Catania one position ahead. What are the indicators used for this special ranking? There are 12 of them. They range from school gardens (how many square meters per person aged 0 to 14 in the capital municipality) to living spaces; from how many children have used municipal services to equipped parks; from sport to the number of pediatricians (and here Messina is third…); from inadequate numerical competence for eighth grade students to inadequate alphabetic competence; from school buildings with gyms to social spending for families and minors; from the Pnrr projects for Education to crimes against minors (infanticide, corruption, sexual acts and pornography).

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