Rome weather, the forecast for tomorrow Thursday 30 May


Thursday 30 May in Rome promises to be a day characterized by cloudy for most of the day, with a cloud cover which varies from 88% to 100%. Temperatures will remain rather mild, with values ​​ranging between +16°C and +25°C.

During the morning, the sky will be 98% overcast with temperatures slightly increasing, reaching +23.9°C around 09:00. The wind will blow from the South West with a speed of up to 15.8km/h.

In the afternoon, the situation will not change much, with 100% cloudy skies and temperatures that will remain around +25°C. The wind will increase slightly in intensity, with gusts that can reach up to 20.2km/h again from the South West.

In evening, cloud cover will decrease slightly, dropping to 46%, and temperatures will drop to +19.8°C. The wind, however, will increase in intensity, with gusts that may exceed 23.8km/h always coming from the South.

In conclusion, the forecast for Thursday 30 May in Rome they indicate a day with overcast skies and rather stable temperatures. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on the evolution of the weather situation in the coming days for any sudden changes.

All the weather data for Thursday 30 May in Rome

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