Prg revision of Vetralla, minority: “The clarity requested is a great victory for the city council”

NewTuscia – VETRALLA – It was a great victory for the City Council to have clarified the progress of the approval process for the Lazio Region of the revision to the PRG, adopted by the Vetralla city council in January 2020.

Alarmed by the statements made several times by councilor Gidari and supported by the Mayor, the minority municipal councilors were forced to ask for the convening of an open and extraordinary municipal council to dispel the doubts raised and reassure the technicians and citizens who have presented observations and therefore have legitimate expectations on the changes to the urban land management tool currently being definitively approved.

In fact, as is known, the council majority had repeatedly alarmed the interested parties by expressly fearing the possibility of a revocation of the variant to the PRG, currently being approved by the Lazio Region.

What emerged today, in a clear and incontrovertible way, is that we are currently in the co-planning phase, where the revision to the PRG is being examined by the Region and is subjected to the opinions of the Superintendence and numerous other control bodies , can be amended in some points but that the general structure has not been questioned, there are no serious formal defects that could lead to an annulment or revocation of the act at this stage and the complex approval process by of the Region is progressing quickly and, in any case, within the norm.

In particular, it is clarified that, on average, it takes 10 years to complete the approval process for revisions to the PRG. Therefore, taking into account that approximately 4 years have passed since the adoption, there are no significant elements of concern or reasons for alarm.

Indeed, the Service Manager reassured that the counterarguments from the Municipality will shortly be sent to the Lazio Region, complete with all the opinions acquired, from the geologist, agronomist, sound engineer, etc.

It appeared clear and evident to all those present that, as required by current regional legislation, the approval process has, up to now, proceeded quickly and can no longer be cancelled, it could only be stopped due to the inertia of one of the administrations involved.

It is unfortunate that, despite having expressly asked for his presence, the participation of the designer in charge was not ensured, evidently it was not considered that the discussion with the minority and with the citizens with interests deserved it!

What matters is the result: the process of co-planning the revision of the PRG is progressing quickly and the Advisory Minority is ready to assume its responsibilities and do its part, i.e. to incorporate any observations from the region for the definitive approval .

The Vetralla Council Minority

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