Cesena weather, the forecast for tomorrow Thursday 30 May


The weather forecast for Thursday 30 May in Cesena show changing weather conditions throughout the day. In the morning, the sky will be overcast with 100% cloud cover, with temperatures hovering around the lows. +20°C. During the morning, light rain is expected, with the probability of precipitation increasing up to 19% towards 10:00 am. The wind speed will be between 3.4km/h hey 11.9km/hcoming mainly from the South East.

In the afternoon, weather conditions will not undergo significant changes, with overcast skies and light rain continuing to affect the area. Temperatures will remain around +20°C, with a slight decrease in the probability of precipitation in the late afternoon. Wind speed will be moderate, with gusts reaching 1 16.4km/h.

In the evening, the sky will remain overcast and light rains persist, albeit with a decrease in precipitation intensity. Temperatures will be around +18°C, with a probability of rain around 59%. The wind will blow with variable intensity, with gusts that can exceed 14km/h.

In conclusion, the weather forecast for Cesena indicate a day characterized by overcast skies and light rain, with temperatures that will remain around +20°C. We recommend that you pay attention to changing weather conditions and monitor updates for any changes.

All the weather data for Thursday 30 May in Cesena

Complete weather forecast for Cesena

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