Avellino-Vicenza 0-0, Pazienza: “Regrets to be converted into new energy”


“The best performance, but we have to think about it the right way because we have to be angry. There is a lot of regret that needs to be transformed into the right charge.” As Michele Pazienza he expressed himself at the end of Avellino-Vicenza 0-0: “We shouldn’t be satisfied, it ended 0-0. We’ll have to carry this stuff with us until Sunday’s match. The intensity, the maneuver, but then I think about the result… We haven’t lost any certainties in attack. There are some days in which you create a lot and don’t score. We know that it’s already happened today, but we can’t be satisfied.

“I don’t have to say anything to Patierno and the other attackers”

“The refereeing incidents? I won’t go into specifics. I haven’t reviewed them yet. They tell me about an inside ball regarding Gori’s situation. I got the warning because I didn’t like the referee’s direction. There was a tactical foul repeated several times by Vicenza and the yellows are missing. Greco risked a second warning. This made me nervous. There was a need for a different interpretation, but I called Palmiero’s attention ? I knew he could give me quality and Armellino as a midfielder also guaranteed me other solutions? I won’t say anything to him because if they do what they spent today they will have more in Vicenza.

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