“Science in Social”, the conference on the problems of chronic pain in Aversa

Everything is ready for the VI edition of the event “Science in the social” which will be held on Saturday 1 June 2024, at 5.30 pm, in the Guitmondo room of the Episcopal Seminary of Aversa in Piazza Normanna.

To participate in the meeting, organized by the surgeon and dentist Arturo Arcellaspecialist in gnathoposturology and clinical orthodontics, will be: professor Aldo Bruno Gianni, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan and Director of the Complex Structure of Maxillofacial Surgery and Odontostomatology IRCCS Milan Polyclinic Hospital; doctor Pietro Mango, specialist in anaesthesia, resuscitation, intensive care and algology; doctor Alberto Coppola, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, hand surgery and hip and knee prosthetic surgery; doctor Gennaro Barbatospecialist in neurology and expert in chronic degenerative neurological diseases.

The professor will introduce the works Ermanno Bocchiniscientific director of the Foundation for legal research in the information society and doctor Jean Pierre Meersseman Doctor of Chiropractic – Chiropractor and Kinesiologist, Graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in the USA. The journalist, Doctor, will moderate Anna Spena.

The scientific conference has the subtitle: “Multidisciplinary approach in the management of chronic pain: the role of the stomatognathic system”.

In practical terms, Dr. Arcella, who for years has combined science and society for the well-being of the patient, has the objectives of promoting dialogue between specialists from different areas of medicine and of informing the common citizen of a possible approach multidisciplinary in the treatment of chronic pain.

During the meeting, in fact, problems that cross the boundaries of different medical specializations will be examined, in a holistic approach, such as neck pain, tension-type headache, TMJ disorders, low back pain, persistent idiopathic facial pain, pain in general and chronic pain, with particular attention to the hypotheses in which the etiopathogenesis of the same is to be identified in the dysfunction of the stomatognathic system (mouth organ).

“Socially we are used to having a consideration of the mouth limited to the teeth, traditionally remaining confined to a purely dental vision – explains Dr. Arcella – while it would be more correct to extend one’s consideration to what in medicine is called the stomatognathic system. The mouth, in fact, is a complex organ whose dysfunction can be the cause or contributory cause of multi-specialist medical problems. In consideration of this, patients who, for example, complain of pathologies such as myotensive headache or neck pain should be evaluated not only by specialists traditionally with neurological or orthopedic expertise, but also by the specialist who deals with the pathophysiology of the stomatognathic system, since the method does not physiological nature of closing the mouth can be the cause or contributing cause of the aforementioned problems”.

This event, therefore, aims to raise public awareness of the importance of considering the mouth not only in dental terms, but as a complex organ that can significantly influence other medical conditions.

The work of experts, like the other illustrious speakers of “Science in the Social”, demonstrates how the vision and interdisciplinary approach between specialists can improve diagnosis and therapy, offering patients more effective solutions for their well-being and health.

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