Risata BenEssere e Salute, event in Salerno | POLITICALLY

Risata BenEssere e Salute, event in Salerno | POLITICALLY
Risata BenEssere e Salute, event in Salerno | POLITICALLY

Tomorrow 29 May 2024, Salerno, “Laughter, Wellbeing and Health” event: Laughter produces well-being and helps us live better.

Carminuccia Marchiarelli


SALERNO – Tomorrow 29 May 2024, the Club ‘Laughter Yoga‘, coordinated by the lawyer Carminuccia MarcarelliLaugther Certified Yoga Leader, together with ‘Auser Salerno We Together‘, present the event ‘Risata BenEssere e Salute, Esperienza di YdR’, sponsored by Federfarma Napoli, from Patient’s Rights Tribunal, by Cittadinanzattiva Campania and by OAD (anti-discrimination observatory). An informative and educational day, dedicated to the therapeutic potential of yoga, which will be held from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm, at the Federfarma headquarters, in via Toledo 156 in Naples.

Specifically, it Laughter Yogaa particular technique experimented by the Indian doctor Madan Kataria, represents a moment of hilarity, of laughter shared with people, even strangers, arising from no specific reason. Laughter, as demonstrated by numerous scientific research, has a beneficial, healthy and relaxing effect on our body and above all on the immune system, consequently making it stronger against the impact of pathogens external to it, without obviously replacing medical care if there is any the need. Today there are more than 3 thousand Laughter Clubs in the world, identified as a technique that has the ability to regenerate the body and mind, thanks to the act of laughter which, through the resulting deep breathing, increases the supply of oxygen in the body. organism and releases endorphins and serotonin, substances capable of reducing stress and regulating the perception of chronic physical pain.

Laughter Yoga, a discipline also accredited by the University of Urbino, will be the focus of tomorrow’s meeting, in which the lawyer will participate Carminuccia Marcarelliorganizer of the event, Anna De RosaVice President Auser Salerno We Together, Imma RecchimurzoNaturopath and Plantar Reflexologist Lorenzo LatellaSecretary of Cittadinanzattiva Campania, who with direct experiences of YdR and with moments of in-depth study of the same, will focus attention on a practice that comes from afar but which if acquired can improve everyone’s life through a simple and natural gesture, a friend of our well-being.

Salerno, 28 May 2024

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