Man and Mihaila are the “thorns” of Parma

Parma is working to prepare for the new season and, in recent weeks, after winning the Serie B championship, they also want to be ready on the transfer market. Before starting with the transfer campaign, for which several names have already come out linked to the Gialloblù, the situation linked to renewals must first be resolved, especially those players whose expiring terms are in 2025. With the official announcement of the extension of sporting director Mauro Pederzoli, it is conceivable that there could also be a cascade relating to some players. Certainly the two most complicated ones are those of Mihaila and Man, more due to problems related to the agent’s requests than to the actual desire of the two boys to continue their journey with Parma also in Serie A. Precisely in this sense he spoke to the Turkish site Fanatik Giovanni Becali, agent of the two players: “We are discussing”.

Man and Mihaila

The two players, committed to the Romanian national team in view of the next European Championships in Germany, have contracts expiring on 30 June 2025. Their desire is to stay and they have expressed it several times over the last few weeks and months , but it is Becali himself who is blocking the negotiations. «They didn’t extend the contract – said the agent -. We had two or three meetings but could not reach a common denominator. The players want to stay, but not under the conditions offered by Parma, but rather under those I ask for.” A strong and perhaps even misplaced stance. Nobody doubts the actual qualities of Man and Mihaila, demonstrated this season, but demanding important wages in the face of a positive year (given how the others went) is disrespectful to a club that has always believed in the potential of two footballers, defending them with drawn sword even from criticism. In short, it is true that everyone has to do their own thing but the thought is precisely this: another year in Parma in Serie A could be much more important for both of them to continue to have continuity and, above all, increase their team even more. value. Obviously the parties are negotiating and it would be essential for the club to reach an agreement before the start of the European Championships.

The other renewals

It has already been said about Osorio what the future could be. At the moment it is difficult to reach a solution: the central defender has asked for a two-year contract, but the club has a different opinion and for this reason the paths could part ways this summer.

Different story for Hernani because his contract expires in 2025 but with an option to renew for a further year linked to appearances in the top flight. Corinthians knocked on the club’s doors already in the winter, receiving a firm no from the yellow-blue leaders because the desire is to confirm the important elements of the squad. Maintain the strong backbone of the group and for this reason his entourage could sit at the table to try to find another solution with the idea of ​​extending the contract regardless of the situation to which he is currently linked. The Brazilian is doing well in Parma and has managed to bring the team back to Serie A. At the moment the rumors from Brazil seem like only passing rumors. It goes without saying that all the players whose contract expires in 2025 can be in contact with the club to understand the future. The young Corvi, Turk and also Camara could renew and then go out on loan and gain further experience. Chichizola, Di Chiara and Charpentier have the option for another year.

It is difficult to think of a sale of Valenti given how much he cost Lanus in 2020 and, after the injury that kept him out for almost a season, it would be more necessary to find an economic solution to the contract that satisfies both parties.

And Cyprien too, due to his experience and quality, could be an added value in Serie A. The Benedyczak issue is less urgent, given the injury to his left ankle, but in any case he is one of those players on whom Parma has decided to focus and will also focus for future.

In short, intricate situations in which the club and the management are looking for the best solution and it cannot be ruled out that some news may arrive in these days. The company is working with Pederzoli on the front line.

Simone Brianti

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