Discovering Sicily on the Via dei Frati by Mountain Bike

A fascinating journey that combines sport, faith and natural beauty, taking cyclists through the historical and spiritual heart of the island.

The ASD Mountainbike nel Cuore recently accomplished an extraordinary feat: traveling the historic Via dei Frati on a mountain bike.

An initiative that saw president Leonardo Pansica, together with friends Angelo Centorbi, Massimo Bonsangue and Salvatore Petralito, lead the group from Canicattì to the suggestive Cefalù, on a journey that skilfully intertwined faith, nature and friendship.

A Path between Faith and Nature

The expedition started from Caltanissetta, retracing ancient pilgrimage routes that connect the inhabited centers to places of worship such as Castel Belici and the Marian Sanctuaries of Gibilmanna and Madonna dell’Alto.

During the journey, the cyclists crossed enchanting Sicilian towns such as Blufi, Castellana Sicula, Polizzi Generosa, and many others, immersing themselves in a panorama that alternates history, culture and breathtaking views.

Characteristics of the Route

The route of the Via dei Frati, extending for over 230 km with a total difference in altitude of approximately 6000 metres, crosses the provinces of Caltanissetta and Palermo. The route winds through the Madonie mountains, known as the Sicilian Alps, offering spectacular views and a deep connection with the spirituality of the places.

Study and Preparation

A trip of this magnitude requires careful preparation. Leonardo and his team have dedicated a lot of time to the study of ancient paths and Regie Trazzere, creating an itinerary that reflects the rich history and traditions of Sicily, enriched by a natural beauty that leaves you breathless.

Friendships and Emotions

More than a physical challenge, the trip proved to be an opportunity to strengthen friendships and experience moments of strong emotional sharing. Each new encounter along the way added value to the experience, making each stop an indelible memory.

The Via dei Frati is not just a cycling route, but a journey into the soul of Sicily, which blends devotion and passion for nature in an unforgettable adventure.

The ASD Mountainbike nel Cuore initiative invites all cycling and nature lovers to explore Sicily in a deeply authentic and exciting way. With their undertaking, they have demonstrated how cycling travel can become a real exploration of the beating heart of the island.

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