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Controls by the Local Police have been strengthened to guarantee road safety.
In recent days, the Agents have carried out checks aimed at combating those behaviors which, with bikes and scooters, can constitute a danger for other road users and for those who use these vehicles.

The patrols engaged in the center and on the cycle paths have imposed fines for traveling against traffic, transporting people on board the vehicle, riding on pavements, and minors without a protective helmet.
In the last two months, a total of 361 fines have been issued, of which 191 sanctions against scooter drivers and 170 sanctions against electric bike drivers, in violation of both the Union Ordinance n.117 of 2021 for “Transit Ban to all Pedal Assisted and Electric Traction Velocipedis” in pedestrian areas, and of the art. 182 of the Highway Code which regulates the operation of bicycles, and of Law no. 160/2019, “Regulatory provisions to guarantee the safety of circulation of predominantly electric scooters”.

Please remember that electric scooters can be driven after reaching the age of 14 and with the obligation to wear a helmet until reaching the age of 18.
Electric devices must be equipped with a 500W motor, with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.
Traffic is permitted on urban roads with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/h, where the circulation of bicycles is permitted; on extra-urban roads, only if equipped with a cycle path, with the obligation to circulate within it and on cycle paths.

However, circulation is not permitted on the pavement, in the spaces reserved for other categories of vehicles and in the spaces reserved for pedestrians only. They must be equipped with an acoustic signal, visual signaling devices and turn indicator lights. Furthermore, from half an hour after sunset, for the entire duration of darkness and during the day in case of poor visibility it is mandatory to wear braces or retro-reflective jackets.

Cyclists, as well as scooter drivers, must proceed in a single file and in any case never more than two side by side, they must have free use of their arms and hands and hold the handlebars with at least one hand. It is forbidden to transport other people on the scooter and on the bicycle unless the latter is specifically built and equipped.

In the case of minors under the age of 18, the dispute and the related report will be raised with the parents, as those exercising parental authority.
Please remember that the purpose of these checks is to protect urban safety and public safety both of those who drive these vehicles and of other road users, especially the weakest ones: pedestrians.
The checks will continue in the next few days.

Sunday 26 May 2024


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