Freeze frame: who deserves Roma and who doesn’t

The appointment with Paolo Marcacci’s column continues at the end of Roma’s matches. Every post-match a comment on what Daniele De Rossi’s men showed

EMPOLI ROMA MARCACCI – The appointment with Paolo Marcacci’s column continues at the end of Roma’s matches. Every post-race comment on what the men showed Daniele De Rossi.

Who deserves Roma and who doesn’t

Where do you go, when are you left alone? In the Europa League, we would answer to the late Lucio Battisti, as has happened for too many years and at this point with too many coaches.

Why should Atalanta have let Torino win, with the prospect of finishing third in the league as the culmination of their most memorable season?

A Rome distracted on the last day of school; imprecise, therefore also wasteful, against an Empoli which is very little but whose identity, with relative intensity, cannot fail to call into question the Giallorossi midline on several occasions.

Roma’s equalizer is even surprising, given the short circuits of De Rossi’s men regarding their attention span. The thresholds, indeed, because there were many errors and in various portions of the field.

Every now and then Dybala attempts a mid-range shot, but the Argentine’s flip-flop is aimed at the damp grass, to give an idea of ​​the emotional charge of the Argentine and two thirds of Roma, among whom Abraham and Zalewski shine for inconclusiveness.

In the end Empoli won, it was in the air, the same one that slowly made Roma evaporate.

For De Rossi, whose face testifies to his thoughts on the necessary thinning out of the squad and then the maximum threshold of realism of the requests for Ghisolfi and the Friedkins, a final food for thought on who, of the current group, deserves Roma and who doesn’t.

Paolo Marcacci

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