SERIE A – Hellas Verona-Inter 2-2 report cards: Noslin and Suslov with a goal and an assist each, Arnautovic makes no mistakes

SERIE A – Hellas Verona-Inter 2-2 report cards: Noslin and Suslov with a goal and an assist each, Arnautovic makes no mistakes
SERIE A – Hellas Verona-Inter 2-2 report cards: Noslin and Suslov with a goal and an assist each, Arnautovic makes no mistakes

Hellas Verona-Inter, a match valid for the 38th matchday of Serie A, ended with a score of 2-2 thanks to goals from Arnautovic (double), Noslin and Suslov. The Italian Champions Inter close with a victory, Hellas Verona – already safe – finishes in 15th place. Below are the votes for the protagonists of the match.

Hellas Verona report cards

Simone PERILLI 7 – He is not to blame for Inter’s goals and, on the contrary, he makes great saves, especially against Frattesi, who finds himself blocked in front.

Jackson TCHATCHOUA 5.5 – He is unable to stop the Nerazzurri’s initiatives in his area of ​​competence. It also offers limited support to the Scala offensive maneuver.

Diego COPPOLA 4.5 – Arnautovic gets lost repeatedly, and on the occasion of the first goal he takes it to school by exploiting the lightness of the Scaliger defender in the physical clash.

Juan CABAL 5 – He doesn’t have an easier time than his teammate and at the end of the first half he risks getting a penalty for a careless intervention against Thuram.

from 67′ Giangiacomo MAGNANI 6 – He gives stability to the Scaliger rearguard at the end of the match.

RUBEN VINAGRE 6 – He turns out to be decidedly more proactive than Tchatchoua, even if he sometimes doesn’t respect his team’s playing times. In the final he risks an own goal but makes a great save on Frattesi.

Reda BELAHYANE 6.5 – Together with Serdar he constitutes a perfect tandem in midfield: in the setting phase he must improve but he is a dam that puts a spoke in the wheels of the Inter midfielders, constantly growling on their ankles.

Suat SERDAR 6.5 – He clearly wins most of the duels with Calhanoglu and co. At times he proves to be a little hasty but provides Hellas Verona with a notable number of offensive advantages. He recovers the ball from which Noslin’s goal comes.

Darko LAZOVIC 6.5 – He doesn’t prove constant in terms of pace and intensity over the ninety minutes but produces pearls of pure class, including the pass to Noslin for the second goal.

from 67′ CHARLYS 5.5 – Imprecise in midfield and not very incisive in the parts of the match in which he plays.

Tomas SUSLOV 8 – Devastating: there are no other words to describe his performance, he scores a goal and first gives an assist to the kiss. Together with Noslin he is the driving force behind Verona.

from 82′ Alphadjo CISSÈ sv.

Stefan MITROVIC 5.5 – He messes up a lot: he puts in a lot of desire but makes several mistakes that tarnish his performance.

from 74′ Elayis TAVSAN 6 – It enters the finale but still finds some good ideas.

Tijjani NOSLIN 8 – Just as Suslov is one of the great protagonists of this daring salvation of Hellas Verona. Just like his ‘snack buddy’ he scored a goal and provided an assist, just for Suslov.

Coach: Marco BARONI 7 – It fully honors the last day and the splendid audience of the Bentegodi. Hellas Verona plays modern and aggressive football, with the same dogmas that allowed the Scala team to achieve a daring salvation.

Inter’s report cards

Emil AUDERO 6 – He is not to blame for Hellas’ goals, for the rest he is a non-paying spectator.

from 68′ Raffaele DI GENNARO 6.5 – He made his Serie A debut and made two decent interventions.

Yan BISSECK 5.5 – A fortuitous assist is needed for Arnautovic, but he struggles terribly against Noslin and Suslov.

Francesco ACERBI 6 – He too is a little awkward in marking Noslin and Suslov, but he is also the protagonist of excellent recoveries.

CARLOS AUGUSTO 6.5 – It’s messy at times but gives an extra energy boost to the whole team with speed and determination.

Denzel DUMFRIES 5.5 – The Dutchman is intermittent and cannot keep up with the pace of Hellas Verona’s furious wingers. His game is mediocre.

from the 56th minute Juan CUADRADO 6 – He plays with a different energy than his partner had. However, he is unable to be clear in front of goal, often revealing himself to be selfish.

Davide FRATTESI 6.5 – He delivers classy plays, including the assist for Arnautovic’s second goal. He comes close to scoring several times but Perilli and Ruben Vinagre have different ideas and create a sort of insurmountable wall in front of the former Sassuolo player.

Hakan CALHANOGLU 6 – Play a game in the office, doing no more and no less than your job.

Nicolò BARELLA 6 – Suslov’s goal was born from one of his lost balls, Arnautovic’s second goal was born from one of his stellar through balls. He didn’t seem to be in great shape but he can fit in.

Federico DIMARCO 6 – He runs a lot even if a little empty: the six, however, deserves it.

from 56′ Tajon BUCHANAN 6 – He picks up the baton left by his detected partner without disfiguring himself.

Marko ARNAUTOVIC 8 – You can immediately notice that he wants to play and that it’s his night. He scores two goals as a true striker, winning duels with opposing defenders and proving cynical in front of goal.

from the 56th minute Alexis SANCHEZ 5.5 – In the final he gives us a goal with a delightful strike, but it is disallowed due to an irregular starting position. For the rest he is absent.

Marcus THURAM 6 – He plays a game of sacrifice with a lot of running and many duels even if in front of goal it was reasonable to expect something more.

Coach: Simone INZAGHI 6 – His Inter had less motivation than Verona at the start of the match, but then managed to get back on track thanks to the play of the individuals and the team mechanisms which led the Nerazzurri to deservedly obtain the second star.

Inter party, crowds under the “champions” banner in Piazza Duomo

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