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Monday has arrived, but let’s not despair: the city is starting to get lively and the evenings are getting longer as happens with the arrival of summer. Demonstrations and exhibitions, new places to spend the evenings and many events that without being too late (“work tomorrow”) give great energy. Here’s a little list to keep in mind for this week: weekdays are already a bit like weekends.

The most beautiful exhibitions of May in Bologna

30 years since the death of Kurt Cobain: a DAMS Lab meeting

“Kurt Cobain 1994-2024” – An icon of rock music and contemporary culture 30 years after his death. A meeting organized by Stefano Marino with the participation of Alessandro Alfieri, Valeria Sgarella, Davide Sisto, Stefano Solventi, Luca Villa. Kurt Cobain (1967-1994), singer, guitarist and main composer in the band Nirvana, undoubtedly represents one of the key figures in the history of rock in recent decades: a figure whose effects and influence, on a musical and also at a level of collective imagination, they undoubtedly continue to be felt to this day and do not fail to leave significant traces in today’s panorama, at various levels. The “Kurt Cobain 1994-2024″ event, organized on the 30th anniversary of his death, is a day of study at the University of Bologna in which very expert scholars of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and the subculture ” grunge” linked mainly to the Seattle music scene of the 90s, will present their interventions and interpretations of the figure of Cobain and his legacy in contemporary music and culture. Appointment on Monday 27 May from 3.30pm to 7.00pm. Free entry while places last. Where? DAMSLab Auditorium Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 5/b.

Fico reopens with another name: here’s which one and here’s when

The Sleeping Beauty” by Tchaikovsky at the Mazzacorati Theater 1763 (free)

On May 27, the piano duo Hiroko Takafuji and Francesco Ricci perform a selection of pieces from the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” by Tchaikovsky at the Teatro Mazzacorati 1763, transcribed for piano four hands by the composer Ryosuke Karaki. Appointment at 9.00 pm. Free entry with optional donation, reservation required. Email: [email protected], 051 2840436 / Whatsapp 3345899554. Website:

Discovering a medieval village a stone’s throw from Bologna

Tessa Murray’s Still Corners live

On May 28th at the Locomotiv Club in via Sebastiano Serlio, live start at 9pm. Still Corners is the musical project of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, born from the chance meeting of the two at a London train stop in 2009. Over the last decade the band has produced reflective, refined and romantic music, from sparkling and desert sound, due to the origins of Hughes who grew up between Texas and Arizona. On April 5, 2024 they released their sixth studio album entitled Dream Talk: ten carefully crafted, elegant and melancholic songs. Tessa Murray says: “The genesis of many of these songs came from dreams. Every night I wrote down the dreams I could remember. While recording, I took out my dream book and sang along to various looped phrases that Greg had been working on. It was fun and what I thought were digressions ended up surprising us with their various meanings and images.”
Produced by Greg Hughes at the band’s Woodstock studio, Greg says: “We experimented with various things, like different microphones, amps and effects, before committing. Since everything was mixed analogue through our new SSL console, the sound is very bright.” The first single, Secret World, is about obsession. Murray writes: “Sometimes the thought of someone, the desire to know them and enter their world, is dangerous. The real person no longer matters, but only the fantasy of him, which is totally wrong but seems right.”

“Cyrenaica Buskers”: put on a Wednesday of street artists

On Wednesday 29 May, magic arrives on the stage of the Casa di Quartiere Scipione dal Ferro with “Cirenaica buskers”, the event dedicated to performances by street artists, juggling and magic. This is Magico Turra’s turn in “A little magic”. A street magic comic show suitable for all ages, excluding newborns and those over one hundred years old, in which the audience is involved and many effects take place right in their hands. Balls that disappear and multiply, ropes that lengthen and shorten, lights that appear with dance moves, rings that join and divide in the hands of the public itself, ending with escapology. Free event. Address: via Sante Vincenzi, 50. Hours: 6.30pm.

20 Days in Mariupol

Also on Wednesday 29 May at Teatri di Vita, the documentary, winner of two very prestigious awards such as the Oscar Award and the Pulitzer Prize, takes us to the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when a team of journalists enters the port city of Mariupol. During the subsequent siege, as bombs fall, residents flee and access to electricity, food and water is cut off. The reporters, the only ones left, struggle to report the atrocities of the war, until surrounded by Russian soldiers they take refuge in a hospital, trapped. Their images, spread by the world media, document death and destruction, and will disprove Russian disinformation. Faced with so much pain, director Mstyslav Chernov wonders if continuing to film can make any difference, but it is the citizens of Mariupol themselves who implore him to continue, for the world to witness. Mstyslav Chernov, Ukrainian journalist is a member of the Associated Press and has documented major conflicts and crises in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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