Atalanta-Torino 3-0 report cards, Serie A votes: Scamacca overflowing, Lookman sublime

Atalanta-Torino 3-0 report cards, Serie A votes: Scamacca overflowing, Lookman sublime
Atalanta-Torino 3-0 report cards, Serie A votes: Scamacca overflowing, Lookman sublime



Carnesecchi 6: never really engaged by the opposing team, he manages to neutralize Turin’s rare conclusions and is on point. From 86′ Rossi: sv

Toloi 6.5: he tames any ball that comes his way and has no difficulty in making himself heard by his opponents.

Djimsiti 6.5: he keeps a good guard and passing through those parts is very difficult. No Toro player has an easy life. Very good test. From 62′ Hien 6.5: unmarkable even as a substitute.

Scalvini 6.5: Atalanta’s defensive triad is always on point and doesn’t have to struggle particularly because Torino are sterile up front.

Holm 6: a good enough match for him who adapts to the pace of the game in the lane and takes particular care of the defensive phase. From 63′ Ruggeri 6: he dedicates himself well to the defensive phase.

Pasalic 6.5: good performance in midfield. Intense, fast and constant, he applies himself and puts physicality into midfield, inserting himself between the lines. He converts the third goal from the spot.

Koopmeiners 6: a sufficient match also for him who doesn’t have to particularly struggle against Torino’s lackluster midfielders.

Zappacosta 6: he spent a lot in the match against Leverkusen and therefore today he preferred to dedicate himself to the defensive phase without pushing particularly hard.

De Ketelaere 7: another sublime match for him who gives an assist for his teammate and seems to dance on the ball. Every time the Torinese rearguard comes into possession of the ball, it seems to have difficulty. From 73′ Miranchuk 6: he dedicates himself more to counterattacks.

Scamacca 7.5: seeing him in this state of form in view of the European Championships excites and not least from a psychophysical point of view he is probably in the best period of his career at least so far. He scores a super goal from distance and is increasingly a driving force and leader. From 73′ Traoré 6: keeps the team high in the final.

Lookman 7.5: after a final played at that pace one could have thought of an involution today, but that wasn’t the case. The Nigerian is a champion and he proves it again today with an exceptional match enriched by the robbery goal.

Coach Gasperini: 7.5.


Twin 4.5: he conceded three goals and on the occasion of Lookman’s goal he had more than a few responsibilities by letting the ball slip out of his hands.

Tameze 5: he commits a naive foul by landing the opponent in the air and therefore giving Atalanta the penalty. For the rest, the speed of Gasperini’s players suffers. From 72′ Lovato: sv

Good morning 5: Definitely a bad day for him too, because Atalanta’s attackers go at a higher speed and containing them is impossible.

Masina 5: takes part in the disaster of the Torinese defense which today takes three and never manages to stay on track.

Bellanova 5.5: he suffers on the wing and is unable to get into the rhythm of the game, falling asleep on more than a few occasions and not being able to get back in time. From 72′ Lazaro: sv

Linetty 5.5; little midfield substance and a lot of difficulty against Atalanta’s central players clearly in a phase of dazzling and superior form. From 85′ Savva: sv

Ilic 5.5: he is unable to put his creativity at the service of the team and little by little the match becomes isolated, no longer being decisive or incisive.

Vojvoda 5: never really in the game, he is unable to penetrate the opposing defense and rarely ventures forward.

Curls 5: he should clean up balls and sort them for his teammates as well as giving greater order to the center of the pitch, but his presence for large stretches of the match is in vain.

Pellegri 5: he doesn’t give depth and above all weight to the Turin attack, very often remaining tangled up among the Atalanta defenders who manage to contain him. From 63′ Sanabria 5.5: not very incisive and present.

Zapata 5: the ex of the day not only does not leave his mark, but he touches the ball very little because he is caged by his former teammates who know his movements and counter-movements, limiting him and almost canceling him completely. From 85′ Okereke: sv

Photo: LaPresse

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