Our scoreboard of the Cagliari season

Our scoreboard of the Cagliari season
Our scoreboard of the Cagliari season

Our report card (only on the players who finished the championship in Sardinia) on Cagliari after a difficult season, but with a saving final for the rossoblù A league. Below are our votes for the boys from Claudio Ranieri, fresh from farewell to the island bench. Write us in the comments if you agree and what your best and worst are.

Scuffet 7.5 – Hers is the story of a personal revenge and for this she should be rewarded. You married Cagliari even though you knew you were leaving as assistant to Radunovic and then with work and excellent performances you were ready and earned the place. Almost always impeccable, the grip on the salvation of Ranieri’s rossoblù is also his. Never a word out of place, it will be one of the pillars from which to start again. Serie A has found the real Scuffet, the one who impressed everyone as a boy.

Radunovic 5 – The recognition for the season in Serie B lasts just 7 games. Then the red pencil errors, especially those against Bologna and Fiorentina, cost him his place. It remains to be seen whether in the future, with one more year left on his contract, he will try to look for a project as a starter in the cadetry or whether he will remain in Sardinia in the role of second.

Aresti SV – Inside to greet his people in the last match against Fiorentina. It could be a catwalk in view of a future farewell, also to football and not just to Cagliari. But before these evaluations, the “Sardinian warrior” must be recognized for having been one of the silent leaders of Ranieri’s team. One of the symbols of identity inside the locker room.

Dossena 7 – As a first season in Serie A, it’s not bad, on the contrary. Thirty-five appearances and two goals. True, every now and then there are also some errors, especially in marking. But overall his year was excellent and it is no coincidence that at times the eyes of Spalletti’s national team and some of the league’s big names fell on him. In recent months, with Mina at his side, the definitive step of growth has taken place.

Hatzidiakos 4.5 – One of the biggest disappointments of the season. Cagliari waited for him in the summer to embrace him only on the last day of the transfer market but his impact on Serie A was a nightmare. The hope is that this was the year of running in and that the next season could be one of growth. In the last period, especially against Inter and Juventus, Ranieri has successfully revived it. Now it’s up to the future coach to understand whether it was a move worthy of the best Sir Claudio or whether or not it will be possible to invest in the Greek in 2024-25.

Wieteska 5 – Nineteen appearances and two assists. However, he too is one of the objects of mystery in the summer purchasing campaign. He also starts off well and with desire, but quickly gets lost behind defensive tactics that don’t seem made for him and his attitude. The international curriculum requires us to try to recover it, at least to then try to resell it.

Mine 7.5 – True man, image of the rossoblù’s comeback to salvation. Not everyone will like his attitude as a bandit in the penalty area and some won’t forgive him for being too careless in his marking. But without mincing words, there is a pre-mine Cagliari and a post-mine Cagliari in the recently concluded Serie A. He gives charisma and confidence to an entire department. Confirming Uncle Yerry in Sardinia will probably be complicated, but this does not erase how much he has embraced the cause in a very short time.

Augello 6.5 – Very up-and-down year. She is often inconsistent even within the same match, where she alternates excellent things from the waist up to unnecessary naps when not in possession. But he responds in key moments: he starts the equalizer in Udine and it is he who kicks off the 2-1 win over Atalanta with a goal.

Hoe 6 – He doesn’t always play matches like an aesthetic treatise on football. To put it mildly. But after Dossena and Makoumbou he is the most used outfield player in the league this season. The goal against Genoa at the Unipol Domus and more generally his demonstration of attachment to the shirt was important.

Obert 6 – The boy will do it, even if he has narrow shoulders and that desire to play the ball a little too much in defense. It remains to be seen whether he will be in Cagliari or elsewhere given the many requests. Ranieri uses it practically only in big matches during the season. He takes a few slaps and other times comes out big and with his chest out. All important experience for his future.

Azzi 5.5 – Sometimes he enters with desire, other times he proves to be just a bit behind in terms of technique and sense of marking. However, the always positive attitude should be rewarded.

Di Pardo 5.5 – Subdued vintage. It often proves not to be a valid alternative on that range. And it’s a shame because the qualities are there, perhaps a little more confidence and personality is needed. Also because a class of ’99 is no longer a young person.

Meadows 6.5 – The impact with Serie A is not simple. And bad luck gets in the way, given that until the saving goal in Sassuolo he was the midfielder in the top flight with the most shots without a goal. However, this first year in Serie A was all he needed, especially because it was played within a tactical system where he couldn’t express himself freely and where he got used to sweating and carrying the cross as well as singing with the ball at his feet. However, when he had space he demonstrated why Cagliari is counting on him for the near future.

Nandez 7 – Heart, chaos and lots and lots of garra. His disorganized and wild running for long stretches of the season is one of Cagliari’s few weapons with the ball at his feet. And this says a lot about the rossoblù’s difficulties in the championship. For his last year in Sardinia he spares no effort and in the end, beyond controversies and ups and downs, it is right to recognize the sense of belonging of the former Boca player. That maybe sooner or later we will see each other again around Assemini.

Gaetano 7 – He arrives in the January transfer market and seems like the man of providence. The Messiah arrived from the foot of Vesuvius to indicate the path to salvation. An injury denies him the national team (and the chance to play for a place in the European Championship) and returns him to a different Cagliari. Less tearing and a little less clarity. But the signature salvation is also his. Napoli are unlikely to leave him around Assemini again, and that’s a shame.

Makoumbou 6 – He deserves more because without him Cagliari drifts a lot in the middle of the field due to geometry, but also some arrogant attitudes (see the error in the barrier against Juventus which denies the Sardinians a feat) and the management of cards during key moments they limit the report card. He is certainly a player who can still grow a lot, but the step must come first on a mental level and then with the ball at his feet.

Oristanio 6 – The boy is there and applies himself, but for one reason or another he was missing when he was needed most. The year is overall positive and some flashes that he showed during the championship highlight his quality. Cagliari would do well to buy him out, beyond the gain from the possible Nerazzurri counter-buyout.

Sulemana 6 – The classic youngster who makes you angry from the stands because at times he forgets about his potential and disappears from the match and then instead suddenly takes super performances out of the hat, like against Atalanta in the second leg. Cagliari made a bet on him, also investing many millions. But we are sure that, if the boy makes the definitive step towards continuity of performance, the gamble will amply pay off.

Deiola 7 – Most people will certainly not like this report card, but the simple truth is that at the time of the greatest winds, Deiola helped Cagliari like few others in the squad. He may not have the quality of the point guard or the class of the 10, but he put all of himself into a race for salvation where the heart was more important than the technical characteristics for all the teams committed to not being relegated. The season finale launches him to be one of the leaders of this team also in the future. Like it or not.

Jankto 6 – The report card would be largely insufficient, but Empoli’s performance and goal are worth a piece of salvation. Without Ranieri his adventure in Sardinia will probably be at an end.

Purple 7 – The rossoblù mad hatter pulls out a season worth framing from his hat. In fact, he is the match-breaker par excellence of the recently concluded Serie A. When Ranieri has a problem the joker drops and he always responds. He turns on the light in the midst of the darkness with quality, but even more importantly he doesn’t show half a bad mood and takes on the role of luxury reserve. Silent leader.

Mancosu SV (as Sfortunato Vero) – A year to forget due to knee problems. The last minutes with Fiorentina feel like a farewell to his people. Only applause for one of the heroes of last season in Serie B.

Luvumbo 7.5 – Ok, at times it’s annoying and often it’s a customs house with double-locked gates. But he is Cagliari’s most dangerous attacker. It is no coincidence that some important clubs in Italy and Europe are interested in him. His future remains to be deciphered, what is certain is that, beyond some shortcomings still in management and passing choices, Zito is one of the cover faces of this second salvation signed by Ranieri.

Petagna 4.5 – All things considered, it’s the biggest disappointment of the season. He deludes himself with some performances and when you think he can finally take Cagliari by the hand then he disappears. A few turns of words: he should have been the offensive leader of this group, he wasn’t.

Shomurodov 6.5 – The first part of the season seems to be taken from “Indiana Jones and the mysterious Uzbek object”. Then he gets injured and everyone already says he’s on the first flight to Rome. But the long recovery times kept him in Sardinia and Ranieri started working on his hips, refurbished him and in the final part of the championship we glimpsed the quality player admired at Genoa. If Roma offered the discount (the big discount) it would make sense to still focus on him in the summer transfer market.

Lapadula 6 – At the end of the championship he redeems a negative season conditioned by many injuries. One thing, however, can never be criticized about the Peruvian: his character. He plays with an open heart every time he is deployed by Ranieri. And this is to be appreciated.

Pavoletti 7 – After the goal in Bari, the rossoblù fairytale man allowed himself two more comebacks from the memory books in Serie A too. His body no longer accompanies his desire, but in Cagliari he found the right place to be central even with few buts decisive apparitions.

Kingstone 6 – The final goal against Fiorentina makes it clear why Ranieri believed in him. It could be the right bet for the coming season if guided along a path of tactical maturation. The tear and the vision of the door are all there.

Ranieri 10 – In Sardinia we won’t have the title of sir, but we have a magnificent way of addressing wise people to learn from: the majores. Word that fits perfectly on the figure of Claudio Ranieri. Writing a fairy tale as beautiful as the one from over 30 years ago seemed impossible and instead he writes a new chapter, with the exact same emotions. And he does it in the year in which Sardinia loses its legend Gigi Riva. In a plot worthy of a novel or an Oscar-winning film. If you don’t believe in destiny, at least believe in Claudio Ranieri.

Roberto Pinna

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