Savona also loses against Argentina and the top playoff places are a mirage

Savona also loses against Argentina and the top playoff places are a mirage
Savona also loses against Argentina and the top playoff places are a mirage

SAVONA 0 – ARGENTINA ARMA 1 (87′ Di Donato)

Now it’s getting very tough for Savona. Argentina Arma wins and flies to 6 points. With two games, the Banners can no longer reach them, at most equalizing the score but the Imperia team would prevail in the direct clashes. A success for Superba in the remaining two matches will then be enough to mathematically oust the Banners from the top two positions. Now we will have to try to score six points to at least hope for third place, which could still allow the repechage. Today’s match saw a good Savona in the first half, who on points would have deserved the lead. In the second half, thanks to a very short bench and the absence of adequate replacements, the Strisicioni practically never worried the opposing goalkeeper Brizio. Argentina was more consistent in the match and prevailed in the second half. The Imperia team found the goal late on with Di Donato.

The ranking: Argentina 6 (3), Superb (2 games played) and Bench 4 (3), Brugnato 3 (2), Savona 0 (2).

94′ Shot by Ndiaye out. He ends up here.

90′ Contact between Doci and an opposing defender in the area. The attacker protests but for the referee it is not a penalty. Four minutes of injury time.

87′ Savona capitulates. Cross from the right, the ball arrives at the far post where Di Donato first passes Bova from a few steps away. Like last Sunday, another goal conceded late on. A Savona never dangerous in the second half and now have three minutes more added time to try and find an equalizer which would be worth a lot. Doci is also inside.

86′ Great cross from Elkamli, providential closure from Fancellu who hinders Cuneo in the small area.

84′ In Savona Palumbo comes on for Calcagno, previously the guests put Leggio on for Garibaldi.

79′ The referee recognizes an attacking foul by Ndiaye. Savona wanted him to blow the whistle in their favor. He proceeds to protest and is warned.

75′ First substitution in Savona. Rapetti makes way for Ndiaye. Nothing changes in terms of tactical disposition. The former Vadese replaces number nine in the central striker role.

69′ In the first half Savona had worried their opponents, in this second half however the Banners struggled to be dangerous in Brizio’s area. Meanwhile, Di Donato for Cabello.

65′ Cuneo manages to turn towards the goal from a few steps but the ball goes out

62′ Elkamli does everything alone carrying the ball, then widens for Alasia who sends a nice cross aimed towards the small area. The ball then rolls away.

60′ Cuneo sprints behind the defense. Bova is attentive, goes out to the limit and sweeps for a lateral foul.

58′ Calvini for Negro in Argentina Arma.

57′ Romano inspired goes away on the left and converges, a shot fouled by the defense which does not worry the goalkeeper.

52′ Double substitution for the guests: Cuneo and Allasia for Calderone and Brizio.

47′ Apicella, mindful of the decisive goal against Multedo, tries a long-range shot. This time, however, he doesn’t succeed and the ball ends up high over the crossbar.

46′ We start again.

Second half

45′ The first half ends here. Balanced match with a slight “advantage” for Savona due to the dangerous situations created.

44′ Great save by Brizio following Barone’s shot from the edge. Conclusion that comes after an insistent action by Savona, with Romano passing through to Calcagno who narrowly misses the connection two steps from the goal, so instead of kicking he had to return to the centre.

36′ Low exit by Bova who doesn’t hold back. Apicella is nearby and sweeps away. But there was an offensive foul.

33′ Calcagno crosses from the back. Rapetti jumps and hits but is unable to apply strength. He passes the ball comfortably into Brizio’s hands.

30′ Header by Calcagno at the far post. High ball.

26′ Tarantola kicks a free kick from a tight angle directly into goal. Poisonous and powerful shot under the crossbar. Bova smacks enough.

23′ Foul by Barone on Grandi punished with yellow.

22′ Romano is very dangerous. He aims for the marker and enters the area from the left side and launches a very insidious cross which crosses the small area dangerously but goes out at the back

20′ Cabello tries from distance but his shot ends up well over the top.

17′ Savona still ahead with an insistent action but in the end Brizio makes it his. Complicated match but for now the blue and white (today in full yellow and blue) have been preferred.

12′ Super Bova! Calderone works a nice ball into the area, turns and touches it to Tarantola. The midfielder kicks hard, directing it under the crossbar, Bova stretches out and removes the ball from the mirror with his hand.

10′ Romano puts together a personal action starting from the left and centralizing in long strides with the ball and chain towards the right. He enters the area and shoots, but it is still Negro who deflects.

8′ Savona one step away from the goal! Great work by Rapetti who protects the ball and touches softly in the area for the incursion of Calcagno, whose touch goes over the goalkeeper. The Savona crowd is about to cheer but Negro, retreating, kicks away the ball that was about to cross the line.

Tactical note. Savona is deployed by Biffi with a sort of 4-2-3-1. At the center of the defense Matarozzo and Kuci are out. Alongside Apicella is midfielder Rizzo. The midfield pair is made up of Barone and Cherkez. Behind striker Rapetti, Panucci acts in a central position. Romano is off to the left, Calcagno is to the right. Argentina responds with a classic 4-4-2.

1′ We start with Savona in charge of the kick-off.

Match not to be missed for the blue and whites. After the defeat in the debut match seven days ago on the Superba pitch, losing today would mean saying goodbye to one of the top two places in this group of five (at the moment only the top two guarantee a repechage). Yesterday, Panchina won 2 to 1 against Brugnato, outlining the following ranking: Superb (2 games played) and Bench 4 (3), Argentina (2) e Brugnato 3 (2), Savona 0 (1).

Savona: 1 Bova, 2 Fancellu, 3 Incorvaia, 4 Apicella, 5 Cherkez, 6 Barone, 7 Romano, 8 Rizzo, 9 Rapetti, 10 Panucci, 11 Calcagno. Available: 12 Siri, 14 Covelli, 15 16 Doci, 17 Palumbo, 19 Pondaco, 20 Beani. Trainer: Roberto Biffi.

Argentine Army: 22 Brizio Michele, 5 Ambesi, 18 Brizio Giorgio, 15 Cabello, 9 Calderone, 28 Elkamli, 3 Fici, 7 Grandi, 4 Leggio, 23 Negro, 8 Tarantula. Available: 1 Ventrice, 21 Alasia, 6 Calvini, 27 Conrieri, 10 Cuneo, 11 Di Donato, 29 Elector, 19 Garibaldi, 25 Rotella. Trainer: Andrea Moraglia.

Referee: Verdoia of Genoa

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