President Udassi: «Torres starts again from the enthusiasm of the fans»

«Saturday’s match makes us understand that the city has returned to dreaming and getting excited for Torres. We would have liked another ending, but let’s start again from this enthusiasm” said president Stefano Udassi.

It will take a couple of days to process an unfair deletion. Benevento reached the semi-final with two shots on target in 180 minutes. Greco’s rossoblù scored 11 between the two legs. Between Paleari’s saves, a bit of bad luck and that penalty on Dametto in the 95th minute that wasn’t awarded, Torres didn’t get a victory and a pass to the next round that she deserved more than the Campania players.

However, we start again from a solid base: a club that has grown, the rekindled enthusiasm in the city that brought 6,000 fans to the “Vanni Sanna” and a team that deserved second place. In a few days the first meetings for the future will begin. Management and coach will meet to understand whether the future is still together or not. Whatever path is taken, Torres has earned a nice opening of credit and has made it clear that the attempt to reach Serie B will not remain isolated to the excellent season experienced.

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