The courage to leave when you are a winner

«Ranieri: I end my club career with Cagliari» (Ansa, 05.23.2024, 2.16 pm)

Leave when you are praised, you are at the top. Leaving without being overwhelmed by the temptations of further greatness, by the adrenaline-filled need to continually overcome all limits. Frankly, wise and successful people have always fascinated me more than those who are just winners, winners at all costs, no ifs or buts. Always. Without taking “prisoners”, often without even having respect for themselves.

It happens that in football, the virtuous history of Claudio Ranieri teaches us, you can also be “normal” people, who think, who don’t exaggerate, anchored to solid values ​​that go beyond the very essence of success in one’s professional life. And maybe it happens (maybe not so much) in politics or in the world of entertainment and the arts, especially when success is conspicuous and admiration, sometimes adulation, overcomes all the limits of the man’s (or woman’s) ego, circling them in an inextricable grip.

And then, perhaps the character was always before our eyes as incurable Cagliari fans. But what Ranieri did, who in Cagliari now consider a hero almost like Gigi Riva, is striking in a world of dwarfs, dancers, influencers and champions by the pound. In Cagliari, Ranieri has had many years of great satisfaction as a coach, promotions and last-minute saves, he has always asked for (and obtained) the respect of the fans. The relationship that has been created, in the land of the 4 Moors, a land with a strong identity, has been loyal and sincere over the years, despite the fact that the salvation obtained in this last championship was not exactly a walk in the park.

Well, in Cagliari they would have laid out more red carpets for him to stay, but Ranieri – also winner of a Premier League in England in 2016 with the “simple” Leicester – said “stop” to his club experiences forever. «At most – he said as he left, celebrated at the stadium like a star – I could make a move for a national football team». Maybe.

In the meantime, we like to highlight the simple wisdom of those who know how to say “enough” when everyone else is going crazy for you. Everything has a limit, even victory. Everything can be traced back to man as such. You have the courage to leave before others perhaps pull you down from your pedestal in a moment of uncontrollable difficulty. And then this humanity of Ranieri, this “normality” is very striking in a cynical and cheating world like that of football. And we are pleased to tell it here. A good example, or not?
“Understanding human beings is intelligence, understanding oneself is wisdom.” (Lao Tse)


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