47-year-old woman dying, brother-in-law arrested

A violent woman ended up in blood quarrel familiar in Brindisi, where a 47-year-old woman is hospitalized in desperate condition in hospital after being injured a gun shotsprobably attacked by brother in law. The authorities are investigating the involvement of at least two other people in the dispute, which resulted in gunshots. At the time a 50-year-old man, brother-in-law of the attacked woman, was arrested on charges of attempted homocide.

Shots in the street in Brindisi: family quarrel, a woman is seriously ill. Brother-in-law arrested

The episode occurred on the afternoon of Sunday 26 May. The attempted homocide it occurred along the coplanar road of state road 7 between Brindisi and Mesagnenear the Research Citadel.

The victim is a 47 year old woman, wound seriously to head from a gunshot, and is currently in intensive care at the Perrino hospital in Brindisi.

The episode occurred on Highway 7 which connects Brindisi to Mesagne

The reconstruction of the dispute and the people involved

The authorities of the police station of Mesagne and the flying squad of Toasts they are looking into the involvement of at least two other people in the family dispute.

The arrested man apparently arrived at the crime scene around 2pm in a gray Volkswagen Golf, and is believed to have been in the company of a family member. The injured woman and her partner were instead in a white Nissan Juke in front of a company headquarters.

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A heated discussion, then the disagreements culminated with the explosion of some shots from one pistol caliber 7.65 which injured the 47-year-old woman in the head.

The investigation into the attempted murder

The woman, who was in the car with her partner, who was also slightly injured during the fight, is in serious condition. very serious.

The 7.65 caliber pistol, used by the suspect, was found by the police not far from the accident site. At least they can be counted four shootingone of which injured the 47-year-old woman, while the others hit the windshield and headrest of the car.

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Second The daily newspaper of Puglia there was also another man injured, hit on the head with the sheath of a gun katanaor a traditional Japanese sword.

The Brindisi flying squad, under the supervision of prosecutor Paola Palumbo, is collecting the recordings of the cameras of the factory where the attack took place. In fact, it is believed that useful images for the purposes of the investigation may emerge from the footage.

Photo source: ANSA

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