LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia, live (62-45 at 28′)

LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia, live (62-45 at 28′)
LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia, live (62-45 at 28′)

After the exciting 103-89 decision in overtime between Virtus Bologna and Reyer Venezia in game 1, we return this evening to the Segafredo Arena, with tap-off at 8.45 pm, for the second match of the Legabasket semi-final series 2023-24. Live television is provided by DAZN, DMAX and Eurosport 2. In the Bologna ranks Iffe Lundberg is out, among the Orogranata no news on Kabengele, in the twelve fielded by Neven Spahija in game 1 but without having entered the field.

Virtus Bologna vs Umana Reyer Venezia, live

3Q – Virtus gets off to a great start again, 5-0 with Abass’ triple at +22, 52-30. Spissu replies. A free throw for Cordinier brings his score back to +20. Another Spissu bomb! 53-36. Virtus lost, Parks made a mistake and Zizic on the other end made it 55-36 after 3:30. Cordinier signs the +21. Tessitori scores from underneath, Tucker from the line. Partial success with De Nicolao’s triple making it 57-42 in the 26th minute, Banchi timeout. Reyer closes again to -13 but Polonara shoots an important triple. De Nicolao scores two free throws. Belinelli’s magic, no look assist for Mickey and Reyer timeout at 62-45. Nailed by Rayjon Tucker in the open field, mini break in Venice.

2Q – Reyer shoots from distance for -10. Banchi puts Shengelia back on the field who immediately scores: 1/2. MAGIC by Marco Belinelli who scores the first points with a great triple from the corner which makes it 32-18. Venice in confusion, many trivial turnovers and Mickey bomb making it 35-18 in the 13th minute. Spahija stops the race. Simms scores from below, but Belinelli scores another: 38-20 in the 14th minute. Nice basket from Brooks. Tessitori fights and scores, 4-0 Reyer and -14. Virtus prompt response, Belinelli bomb. Tucker scores the free throws to make it 42-26. But Belinelli! Another bomb and 45-26 in the 19th minute. Dobric’s dunk in the final doesn’t count: Virtus ahead 47-30 at halftime.

1Q – Virtus Bologna starts 7-0 after two minutes, with Reyer Venezia in great confusion. Tessitori opens the orogranata competition. Wonderful assist from Shengelia for Dunston’s dunk. The Georgian then scores in transition, it’s 11-2 in the 3rd minute. Bomb by Pajola, Virtus at +11 in the 5th minute. Reyer finds points again with Tessitori, basket and foul: 14-5. Reply Dunston on the other side. Heidegger makes a mistake, asks for a foul and technician. The men change but not the music, Mickey comes in and immediately two points: Bologna up 20-5 in the 7th minute. Parks unlocks the scoreboard with two free throws. Hackett’s basket fadeaway from the post. Casarin stops Abass’s dunk attempt, 2/2 and 26-7 in the 8th minute. Simms scores a half-hook. With Mascolo lost, Heidegger scores two free throws. Mickey reverses for two more. Heidegger carries Reyer on his shoulders, final triple: 28-15 after 10′.


The 12 of Banchi: Cordinier, Belinelli, Pajola, Dobric, Mascolo, Shengelia, Hackett, Mickey, Polonara, Zizic, Dunston, Abass.

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