Lucarelli: “He who chooses with his heart never makes mistakes”

The former Crusader captain in an interview: “I hope I have given an example of what the fans want from a team”

The former Parma captain, now Director of the Technical Area Alessandro Lucarelli, was the protagonist of the special created by 12TvParma “The 100 years of Stadio Tardini”. There Gazzetta di Parma on newsstands he reserved ample space for a chat with the idol of the Crusader fans, who returned to his desire to remain in Parma despite the failure. “I said it in March, April. It was a moment of great confusion, everything was getting out of hand. And I was asked “what will you do if things go wrong?”. And I suddenly said that I would stay, also in D. And I haven’t taken that word back. Because in any case I had made my career, I didn’t need to pick up some contracts around Italy, I felt this team was mine, the relationship with the people had consolidated during the period of suffering and therefore I thought it was right to start again with them. I couldn’t leave everything like this. I wanted to at least give input on the restart. Bringing Parma back to the professional ranks, this was my goal when I decided to stay.”

FAILURE –Tough day. As long as there is hope, you fight and hope you can do something. That court stamp was the definitive sign that the game had been lost. I can safely confess that I started to cry on the way home. There was an emotional collapse because those months of struggle had served no purpose. We had tried in every way to save Parma but we couldn’t escape. Even more so, after such a disappointment, I needed to be reborn together with my team. And so it was“.

THE GOODBYE –It wasn’t easy. That evening is the best memory I have. A worthy ending to a beautiful story. I couldn’t help but finish it in the center of the Tardini pitch, with all our fans in front of us. That evening, in addition to celebrating the promotion to Serie A, was a bit like my final farewell. I didn’t say my intentions beforehand, but everyone could imagine them. When I wrote that letter it wasn’t easy to reread it all. The emotion blocked me. My voice was broken in my throat. But I think it was the right thing, at the right time. That lap of the pitch, that finale standing in front of the Curva Nord was my farewell to all the people of Parma, leaving Serie A to them as a final gift. That was my goal, which I managed to achieve in an incredible way. But in the end we made it“.

PARMA AND PARMA –I hope I have given an example of what fans want from a team. That bond, that sense of belonging that I have left as a legacy, with what I have done. And I did it not so much with football skills, but above all with moral qualities, with heart, with the desire not to stop in front of any obstacle. Because there were obstacles in those three years. There were many difficult moments. But I have always been straight to get to the goal. And what I am recognized for is precisely this: having embraced a cause and having given everything to achieve the goalor. And the best thing is that they can say “Ale Lucarelli one of us”, which is what I have always been“.

THE MOMENTS –The three key moments are the evening of Parma-Livorno with the achievement of the Europa League, something that hasn’t happened to Parma for a few years. We were a strong team and it was the culmination of a sporting journey. Then promotion to Serie C, against Delta Rovigo: there was a splendid stadium. And the third my farewell, farewell to football, was fantastic. But only three? There would be the Reggio Emilia derby, another evening for strong hearts. We all felt proud to represent Parma. It was pure pleasure. A sentence for the fans? “He who chooses with his heart never makes mistakes”, as I did at the time. It makes a difference and you get recognized“.

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