continues in the city center area

Messinaservizi Common Good continues disinfestation for three days against harmful insects And mosquitoes in the area City centrefrom Monday 27 May until Wednesday 29 May. The service will always be carried out from 10pm onwards. Citizens are reminded to avoid outdoor exposure of food and clothing; to shelter domestic and companion animals; Of close windows and balconies; and to carefully wash fruit and vegetables grown in allotments and gardens in the urban centre. We also inform you that in the event of adverse weather conditions the programming may be subject to change. Here is the scheduled calendar in the Center area:

1st DAY: S. Paolo, Messina Due, Villa Contina, Fondo Pugliatti, via La Farina (from viale Europa to Piazza Stazione), viale Europa, Salita Camaro, Piazza Stazione, via Padre Ruggeri (Camaro), Complesso Mito, viale S. Martino ( sea/mountain), Piazza Cairoli, Cortina del Parto (up to viale Giostra), at the fire station, at the swimming pool, at the former UPB, Valle degli Angeli, via Tranquilla, via Candore, via S. Cosimo (upper part) 5. Paolo ( houses), via del Santo (internal), Fondo Pugliatti (internal), via S. Marta (internal), Salita Montesanto, Stairways viale Boccetta, Stairs via XXIV Maggio, Case Vecchio Macello.

2nd DAY: at the Finance Office, at the Town Hall, Ring Road, at the ATM, at via Croce Rossa, at CGIL at via Romagnosi, at via Gagini, at via S. Giovanni di Malta, at S. Giovanni Decollato, viale Boccetta, historic centre, Provinciale, Provincial (lower part), via La Farina (from Ponte Gazzi to Viale Europa), via Carraia, near Boer

3rd DAY: via del Santo, via Palmara, Camaro S. Luigi, via S. Marta, near S. Paolino, near via del Carmine, Pi Popolo, via T. Cannizzaro, Gravitelli, via XXIV Maggio, Montalto area, Via Roccaguelfonia, Corso Cavour , via Cesare Battisti, via Palermo (up to Circonvallazione), viale Giostra, (from Circonvallazione to Viale della Liberta, Gravitelli (public housing), Bisconte, Cataratti, via Polveriera, Montepiselli, near Boner.

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