Montesilvano/elections. Fabrizio D’Addazio at the Palazzo in Via Leopardi on Friday at 6pm.

Montesilvano/elections. Fabrizio D’Addazio at the Palazzo in Via Leopardi on Friday at 6pm.
Montesilvano/elections. Fabrizio D’Addazio at the Palazzo in Via Leopardi on Friday at 6pm.

11 floors for 250 apartments, 40 families, 13 commercial activities. A story that has created inconvenience is that of the Palazzone in Via Leopardi 2, Riviera 1, which begins in 2021 with the unusability and an eviction order. Those who lived there were forced to evacuate and the shops, which were initially left open, were then closed due to the risk of collapse.

The mobile committee of Fabrizio D’Addazio, civic candidate for Mayor of the center left he went on Friday 24 May to listen to the citizens who today feel abandoned by the institutions.

“We want to know what will happen in the future to this building, to those who live there and to those who have businesses. It is a drama that, after Covid, since 2021, has been affecting our lives.” Thus Roksana Baranovska, candidate for municipal councilor for Montesilvano, on the Fabrizio D’Addazio list, intervenes at the meeting with citizens in front of Riviera 1.

“There are engineers who have declared the non-existence of the risk of collapse, others however the complete opposite. There are those who talk about securing the foundations, others about demolition and reconstruction, which I doubt can happen with the new laws.” Some points in the story really need to be clarified: “The eviction order was issued in May 2021 on the basis of a private appraisal which declared the risk of the Riviera 1 Condominium collapsing. In July the condominium was evacuated in an apocalyptic climate.” Detail that attracts attention: “The day before this evacuation, the municipality’s technical office certifies that there is no risk of collapse, confirming the study by 4 engineers carried out a month earlier.”

The dramatic consequence, underlines Baranovska, is that “the Municipality proceeds with the forced eviction without simultaneously activating the social services of the Special Agency, leaving families, children and elderly people without food and without accommodation. Some people are forced to sleep on the beach the first night.”

“What will happen to these people and their apartments, premises, businesses?”

“We just want clarity”, the condominium owners ask again. In 2021, it was promised that “in two years everything would be resolved one way or another, but no one said anything anymore. We can only note the indifference of the institutions: they have abandoned us.”

And after expenses and estimates, “they could now ask the owners of the apartments for 850 thousand euros”.

Meanwhile the May 26th at 10.30am will depart from Montesilvano, Strada Parco Viale Europa entrance, and from Pescara, two caravans for the maxi bike ride along the park road, to meet at the PalaRoma at 11.00, in a point between the two cities, near that border which will disappear from 2027 after the birth of Nuova Pescara. The candidates for mayor of Pescara and Montesilvano for the centre-left coalition, Carlo Costantini and Fabrizio D’Addazio, will go on stage to reiterate that that space must remain the citizens’ heritage.

The events in support of the Montesilvanese entrepreneur Fabrizio D’Addazio continue: on 4 June, at 6pm, in Montesilvano, in Piazza Suor Cristina Zecca, a citizen meeting with Nicola Fratoianni, National secretary of the Italian Left Alliance of the Greens and the Left, Luciano D’Amico, regional councilor, Emanuele Mancinelli, candidate for AVS municipal councilor.

You can find out the dates, locations of the tour and any changes on the official website Fabrizio D’Addazio Candidate for Mayor of the city of Montesilvano (

On the social page of Fabrizio D’Addazio, Mayor of Montesilvano.

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