The feast of San Giorgio, patron saint of Ragusa, is in full swing: today a new procession –

Great emotions last night with the first of the three processions that honored the patron saint of Ragusa, St. George the martyr. Today is the second day dedicated to the procession of the simulacrum through the streets of the ancient city.

A special mix of faithful, visitors and tourists witnessed the traditional rite of the exit from the cathedral of the simulacrum and the Holy Ark which was followed by fireworks. Then, the long procession began and returned, not before leaving the Holy Ark in Purgatory and not before stopping for prayer in front of the portal of the ancient church destroyed by the earthquake of 1693, around 10pm in the church of San Thomas the Apostle from where he will resume today to return to the Mother Church, not before having taken the Holy Ark from Purgatory.

And, in the meantime, we are preparing for the great day of celebration tomorrow, Sunday 26 May, the solemnity of the Holy Trinity. The festive ringing of bells and the firing of cannon shots, at 9 and 12, announce the day of the celebrations. The morning masses are scheduled for 10.30 and 12. At 10.30 the San Giorgio – City of Ragusa band will perform through the streets of the historic centre. At 4.30 pm, the bands performing will be, in addition to the San Giorgio directed by maestro Giacomo Antonio Palermo, also the Vito Cutello di Chiaramonte directed by maestro Paolo Scollo.

In the afternoon at 5.15 pm the recitation of the Rosary and at 5.45 pm there will be the solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Msgr. Giuseppe La Placa, bishop of Ragusa, animated by the parish Schola cantorum, directed by Salvatore Tribastone, with maestro Luca Occhipinti on the organ. At 7pm the solemn procession will begin with the simulacrum of San Giorgio and the Holy Ark through the following streets: Mother Church, Piazza Duomo, Via Conte Cabrera, Largo Camerina, Via Orfanatrofio, Via delle Suore, Via Tenente La Rocca, Via Gardens, Piazza GB Odierna, Corso XXV Aprile, Piazza Pola, Corso XXV Aprile, Piazza Duomo, Via Duomo, Via Capitano Bocchieri, Via Ten. Distefano, Via

Vespers will be solemnly celebrated here. The procession will then continue through Piazza Repubblica, Via del Mercato, Via Orfanatrofio, Piazza Pola, Corso XXV Aprile, Piazza Duomo until returning to the Mother Church. At 10.30pm there will be an artistic and phantasmagorical show with Immersive Art experience, video mapping on the façade of the buildings and the cathedral of San Giorgio.

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