Turin, Juric: “We win in Bergamo, then we see the Viola. Rodriguez is in doubt”

Turin, Juric: “We win in Bergamo, then we see the Viola. Rodriguez is in doubt”
Turin, Juric: “We win in Bergamo, then we see the Viola. Rodriguez is in doubt”

9.45 – The trip to Bergamo as the last chance to still have hopes of Europe, like the last of Ivan Juric on the Toro bench and with the Croatian who could also end up at Atalanta: tomorrow’s match at the Gewiss Stadium has an infinite number of meanings. The Granata coach will talk about it the day before from the conference room of the Olimpico Grande Torino stadium. Follow the live text on Tuttomercatoweb.comthe conference is scheduled to start at 10 am.

10.11am – Juric’s press conference begins

Did you see Atalanta in the final?
“It was a very tough match, they were very good in defense and in attack they were cynical and decisive. They played a perfect final match”

What approach do you expect?
“It’s always the same, lots of one-on-one play and the usual approach when you face a team with a 3-4-3 like Bayer”

What do you say about Bellanova, Buongiorno and Ricci in the national team?
“Satisfaction and pride, they have a lot of chances to go. It’s been a long time since three Toro players went to the European Championship, we should all be proud”

What is tomorrow’s goal?
“The objective is to win, we have set ourselves that. Against Milan, a great performance from all points of view, we want to repeat ourselves and see what happens with Fiorentina”

In the infirmary?
“Rodriguez is missing, he can’t play from the start due to an ankle problem. But I’m bringing him, we’ll see if he’ll be useful in the current match. The formation is the same as Milan, I was satisfied with everyone. I would like to repeat the same team by removing Rodriguez”

Are you thinking of attacking Atalanta immediately? Maybe she’ll be a little tired…
“Over the years, I have always had the same interpretation. We will play as usual, doing our football, trying to prevail in the tackles and in the game. They have many players to change and rotate, if Zappacosta doesn’t play there is Holm. It will be difficult because they have enthusiasm, we must have a great desire to achieve results”

What state of mind is he in?
“The state of mind is preparing for the match, trying to win. I’m very happy with what we did, it would be the icing on the cake to win and score more points than last year. I only think about making the best of the match”

Did you hear from Gasperini after the final?
“I heard from him before the match, he knows how happy I am for him and how much he means to me”

What is Torino missing to try to emulate Atalanta?
“It all starts from the youth sector, Gasperini recognized the strength of the players and they made a lot of capital gains and great ability to reinvest well, build the stadium and the sports centre. The first impulse was the investments of the youth sector which brought a lot of money for renew ourselves well. The family and Gasperini get along well, that’s what I think. In these three years we have made very important steps, regardless of the results we have interesting young people and it’s a good point to grow further.”

What is your advice for Cairo?
“I don’t tell him anything. If you sell, you have to be good at buying strong players and rebuilding, or if you want to keep them you have to bring in other players and on paper you become stronger. But it also depends on whether the players want to stay”

Should Torino focus on Pellegri for the future?
“When you suffer a lot of injuries and they leave their mark with fears, they bring you more injuries. Sometimes he’s fine, he had two great performances, but my regret is that I didn’t always have him available. He needs to find peace of mind, if he’s the one with the last two he can become a good player”

Do you have any regrets about not having really understood Taurus fully?
“The Bull is something else, I think so too. It can’t be this, it’s like this. I have no regrets, but a lot of pride even if everything didn’t fit together. Maybe also due to too much emotionality. But he made a exceptional work for what we have found and what we leave behind, but there is enormous contempt on the part of the newspapers. And we need enormous unity from all parties, this we can say has been missing. It’s a shame to take a step forward forward and instead go backwards: here everyone maintains their positions and lashes out at each other, creating negativity. We would have seen a different Toro with a different positivity. At work, I have to say that it was exceptional and beyond imaginable.”

Can those who have had less space play?
“Let’s play the game of life, I don’t even think about making these assessments. It’s not a walk in the park”

Is it goodbye or goodbye?
“I don’t know if I left my mark. It’s true that we didn’t experience the enormous joy and it was close, but the journey was full of pitfalls and things that could have been done. Now I want to win, for the boys to demonstrate their growth and then we will see other things”

Will you go to Italy or abroad?
“I don’t know, we have to evaluate all things”

10.27am – Juric’s press conference ends

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