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Fausto Vinci leaves the Viterbo police headquarters after directing it for almost a year and a half.

From May 29th he will carry out the same role in Latina while Luigi Silipo, currently police commissioner of Macerata, will arrive in the capital.

Luigi Silipo new police commissioner of Viterbo

Before leaving the city of the popes, Vinci entrusts some considerations to the press as a summary of his experience.

In the conference room of the police headquarters with him are the deputy commissioner Roberto D’amico and the one who takes on the role of head of Digos, Flaminia Donnini.

Delegation of traders from the center meets the commissioner Vinci

“I had a very good time in Viterbo, it was a very intense year and a half, in which we did many things for the security of the city – from the arrest of the Turks, to the bomb, to the Santa Rosa Transport – and I consider myself very satisfied” , Vinci begins.

He adds: “I owe it to the skill and commitment of my collaborators. There was a great commitment to the territory, in particular to the San Faustino district but with a widespread presence throughout the historic center. The safety level in Viterbo is quite positive, more can be done and I am sure that my successor will do even better.”

Romoli: “Thanks to the police commissioner Fausto you win for the work done in Tuscia”

What do you mean by do more? The commissioner explains: “A synergistic action must last over time even with prevention actions and not just arrests and complaints. This line must be continued over time, and I am sure that my successor will do so.”

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