VENETO – Endless bad weather: hail in the Lower Vicenza area

VENETO – Endless bad weather: hail in the Lower Vicenza area
VENETO – Endless bad weather: hail in the Lower Vicenza area


Bad weather continues in the Veneto region with scattered violent thunderstorms. This morning some towns in the Lower Vicenza area were hit by hail. The photo is related to Agugliaro (elementary schools). A violent hailstorm transformed the landscape making it similar to Lapland. Noventa Vicentina was also marginally affected by the hail. In the area many people have requested assistance due to flooding.

The weather forecast for Veneto

General evolution

Until Saturday, the region will be under the influence of weakly cyclonic currents: there will be alternating periods with few clouds and some phases of instability, especially on Saturday morning. Temporary rise of the anticyclonic promontory over the Mediterranean on Sunday with mostly stable weather until Monday; Subsequently, another Atlantic trough will approach which will bring unstable/disturbed weather with precipitation, more significant on Tuesday.

Estimated time

Saturday 25th. In the first half of the day variable/unstable weather, with cloudy or very cloudy skies; from the central hours irregularly cloudy with clearings becoming increasingly clear from late afternoon/evening.
Rainfall. In the first part of the day in the central and western areas there is a high probability (75-100%) of scattered precipitation, mainly of a shower or thunderstorm nature, a medium-low probability (25-50%) in the remaining areas due to local phenomena. From the central hours there will be mostly no precipitation in the plains, while the probability of showers or occasional thunderstorms will still be medium-high (50-75%) in the mountains until the afternoon. Phenomena absent in the evening. Locally intense phenomena between the plains and the Pre-Alps are not excluded.
Temperatures. In the plains, minimums rise, maximums decrease towards the west and rise towards the east; in the mountains almost stationary or with local variation.
Winds. At altitude weak/moderate, mainly from the southern sectors, rotating until moving from the north-east in the evening; elsewhere variable.

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