Monday the impromptu painting in front of the Molfetta Cathedral

On Monday 27 May 2024, from 8:00 to 11:00 the 120 pupils of the 5th classes of the “Manzoni – Poli” Comprehensive Institute will go to the “Beauty School” in front of the Molfetta Cathedral.

The city and its artistic beauties become a decentralized classroom for a school that puts civic education, art, creativity first and, through observation, ensures that pupils acquire awareness of the value of local monuments in order to be able to better to know, respect, love.

The Art in play project was strongly desired by the Headmaster of the IC Manzoni Poli, Prof. Giuseppe Minervini and by the teaching team, coordinated by the contact person, Prof. Patrizia Roselli, particularly attentive to laboratory and “creative” teaching, which aims to train citizens of tomorrow with critical thinking and a spirit of initiative.

The young artists will sit in front of the Cathedral and admire its beauty, painting it in mixed media, from life. During the event, a healthy 0 km snack will be distributed by the sponsor Coldiretti to promote the gastronomic excellence of our territory.

The “Manzoni – Poli” Comprehensive Institute has always carried out inclusive and engaging teaching, with the mission of collaborating with families and the city’s educational agencies in the education of children aged 3 to 14, through current proposals which, safeguarding the fundamental values, grow and enrich themselves to better respond to the educational needs of our time.

The extemporaneous painting instead of the canonical lesson inside the school classrooms is placed precisely in that “outdoor education” that researchers suggest to make knowledge interesting and incisive and convey new messages through a teaching of doing.

We would also like to invite the Mayor of Molfetta to the event to close the circle of attention to the city that transforms into care, dedication, love and respect.

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