Naples, Antonio Conte said yes: economic agreement found

Naples, Antonio Conte said yes: economic agreement found
Naples, Antonio Conte said yes: economic agreement found

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These are decisive hours for the future of the bench Naples. According to what was reported by Sky Sport, the ongoing negotiations between Atalanta and Gasperini, the uncertainty about the decision that the coach will make, the very timing of the negotiations, have led the Naples to intensify contacts with Antonio Conte. In the last few hours the parties would have found a general agreement also from an economic point of view, an obstacle to the negotiation a few weeks ago. De Laurentiis will decide in the next few hours. Gasperini would have decided to stay in Bergamo, while Conte, according to what was said, would have taken steps forward to reduce the economic gap between supply and demand relating to the salary: ADL has never allowed the desire to reach the ‘coach from Lecce, this is why – excluding the court in Gasp – the former Tottenham represents a very hot and never abandoned track.

As reported by Republic, De Laurentiis would have already reached an agreement with Conte, and today could be a decisive day. The agreement between Conte and Napoli provides for a salary of 6.5/7 million fixed base and a couple of million bonuses in case of qualification for the next edition of the Champions League. These two million bonuses then become a fixed basis from the following season. In short, the Salento coach seems destined to return to Italy to coach Napoli.

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