“The city in colour” returns to Valle Faul, an appointment tomorrow between art, sport, folklore, culture, music and dance

Viterbo – All free entry – Pay attention to the traffic

Viterbo – The 16th edition of “City in Color”

Viterbo – We receive and publish – On Sunday 26 May, La città a colori returns to Valle Faul. The event, promoted by the Viterbo con Amore association, as part of the XVII edition of the Volunteer Festival, will host a long series of events, including art, sport, folklore, culture, music, dance, all with free admission. To allow the event to run smoothly, some measures regarding parking and vehicular traffic are necessary.

In detail, here is what is foreseen by the specific ordinances of the local police (ord. n. 282 of 17-5-2024 and ord. n. 305 of 23-5-2024):

from 6 am to 10 pm, and in any case until no longer necessary, the parking ban with forced removal for all categories of vehicles in the entire parking area of ​​the Folgore Paratroopers Division square (Valle Faul).

In the same time slot (from 6 am to 10 pm, and in any case until no longer necessary) it will be Vehicle traffic is prohibited in Via Faul and Via El Alamein. Access to Porta Faul will be allowed from Piazza Martiri delle Foibe Istriane, with diversion of vehicular flow to Via Sant’Antonio.

From 10 am, limited to the carrying out of the walk for peace, Voluntarily young people walking, interruptions and diversions of vehicular traffic may occur along the following route: piazza dei Caduti, via Marconi, piazza Verdi, corso Italia, piazza delle Erbe, via Rome, piazza del Plebiscito, via Ascenzi, piazza dei Caduti, piazzale Martiri d’Unità, via El Alamein, via Faul (interruption of vehicular traffic is already foreseen on these last two streets).

The ordinances can be consulted in the noticeboard section of the institutional website. The complete program of events planned for La città a colori can be consulted on the home page of the institutional website, together with that of the XVII edition of the Volunteering Festival.

Municipality of Viterbo

May 25, 2024

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