the earth still trembles in the night

A new shock Of earthquake Of magnitude 2.7 was registered in the area of Phlegraean Fields to Naples on the night between Friday 24th and Saturday 25th May.

The data of the new earthquake in the Campi Flegrei

According to data released by INGV, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the 2.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 3.03 am on Saturday 25 May.

The earthquake, which occurred in 5 kilometers away from Pozzuolioccurred at one depth Of 2 kilometers.

The mayor of Pozzuoli Luigi Manzoni.

The words of the mayor of Pozzuoli

On Friday 24 May, the mayor of Pozzuoli Luigi Manzoni, speaking of the summit with the Minister of Civil Protection Nello Musumeci, had said: “We were in Rome by Minister Nello Musumeci to once again bring to national attention the voice and needs of the citizens of Pozzuoli and above all to ask, for the citizens who these days they are experiencing moments of great apprehension, concrete support to be put into action immediately. We went to defend our Earth, to ask for immediate, concrete, strong help that can alleviate the suffering of those who find themselves far from home today.”

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The mayor of Pozzuoli then added: “At the same time we were in Rome to make it clear that we we love this Earth. We don’t intend to abandon it. For those who have chosen to live there, strong support is needed that goes in the direction of the awareness of living in a wonderful place, unique in the world”.

What’s happening in the Campi Flegrei

At ‘SkyTg24’, Giuseppe De NataleINGV Research Director, explained regarding the situation relating to the Campi Flegrei area: “There is nothing ‘stable’. There is a slow but continuous uplift that has continued since 2006. Then there is increasing seismicity, now almost continuous, with progressively increasing maximum magnitudes”.

De Natale again: “Bradyseism consists of an increase in pressure in the superficial crust. This internal pressure, which has continuously increased from 2006 to today, generates both ground lifting and seismicity, the latter because, beyond certain thresholds, the overpressure breaks the rocks. The ground level is like a ‘pressure gauge’ which indirectly measures the internal pressure: the more the ground rises and, therefore, the more the pressure increases, the more the seismicity increases both in the number of earthquakes and in the maximum magnitude”.

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Photo source: Tuttocittà / Virgilio Notizie

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