Padua. He beats his parents and sister, the whole family lives a nightmare until the complaint: 23 year old removed

PADUA – Increasingly violent arguments, continuous threats, on one occasion even with a knife. And then slaps, pushes, locks of hair torn, hands around the neck, blows…

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PADUA – Increasingly violent arguments, continuous threats, on one occasion even with a knife. And then slaps, pushes, locks of hair pulled, hands around the neck, hits on the head, spitting, furniture and objects destroyed. The last two years experienced by a Paduan family have the tinge of a collective nightmare. A daily hell within the home that it brought a father, a mother and a young woman to report their son and brother. He, 23 years old, after months of attacks and threats that had made the climate at home unbearable, has now been removed from the family home and banned from approaching relatives, as well as finding himself under investigation on charges of mistreatment.

Code red goes off

The measure was ordered in recent days by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Court of Padua who accepted the request made by the deputy prosecutor Sergio Dini on 20 May. A measure motivated by the various evidence that has emerged regarding the violence perpetrated by the boy and the dangerous situation experienced by his family members. In fact, on several occasions the police intervened in the house and, after a recent and very violent episode, the relatives decided to file a complaint. Thus the Code Red was triggered and an investigation file was opened which included the reports from the police, the complaint, the dramatic testimonies of family members and the emergency room reports. On the occasion of the most recent episode, at the beginning of May, the 23-year-old’s father and sister ended up in hospital.

The spiral of violence

The aggressive behaviors would have started at least a couple of years ago. Increasingly frequent and increasingly pronounced mistreatment, initially verbal and then also physical, triggered by arguments that always arose for trivial reasons or when family members refused to comply with the young man’s increasingly pressing requests. His attitude would become more intimidating day by day, so much so that recently his relatives, now also terrified for their own safety, would begin to no longer oppose, even the most unreasonable requests. The boy appears to be followed by a psychiatric service, but the therapies would not have succeeded in attenuating his violent behavior. Last year on one occasion he allegedly threatened his father by brandishing a knife, but it is this year that the situation has worsened. In particular at the beginning of May, when within an hour the police had to intervene twice. During an argument between the 23-year-old and her father, her sister had in fact tried to calm her temper, but the boy had reacted by grabbing her hair (with enough force to detach entire locks) and slamming her to the ground. Then he spat in her face, wrapped his hands around her neck and beat her, even threatening to use a glass bottle. The father had separated them, the police had arrived and the young man had promised not to be aggressive anymore, actually showing that he had injured himself in the fray. Forty minutes later, however, violence broke out again in the house. The 23-year-old had tried to hit his sister again and the father, to save her, had pushed his son, who ended up on top of a shattered lamp. Once the patrol returned to the scene, this time together with the paramedics, the boy was taken away in an ambulance. The father was then diagnosed with an eardrum injury due to blows to the head and the girl with an injury to her hand and wrist.


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