Cremo-Catanzaro, second round The playoff final is up for grabs

Cremo-Catanzaro, second round The playoff final is up for grabs
Cremo-Catanzaro, second round The playoff final is up for grabs

Great anticipation for tonight’s match at the Zini between Cremonese and Catanzaro. After the 2-2 draw in the first leg at Ceravolo, we now go on stage for the return match of the playoff semi-final in Cremona. The two teams have met three times this year and have always drawn. And there will certainly be great balance in tonight’s match too, the details will make the difference and the mental approach to the match will also play a fundamental role. It will be necessary to take to the field without fear, ready to face even those difficult moments that can arise in any ninety-minute clash.

The environment will also play an important role. Think about how Ceravolo pushed Catanzaro to a comeback in the first leg match. Today he will also have to push, to use the term chosen by Mister Stroppa in the press conference, the Zini crowd, even more than he has always done during the entire season. The 12,800 available tickets were sold out. The atmosphere will be that of a final, even if in reality the road to the playoffs is still long, but it is inevitable that this is the case, because at the end of the evening there will be a team that will conclude its championship here.

Cremonese starts with the advantage of having two results out of three available to advance to the next round, but once on the pitch it won’t be noticeable and the two teams will battle without making too many calculations. Trying to control the game with ball possession is in the nature of both teams.

The changes that the two coaches will make during the match will also have a decisive role. From this point of view, the grey-red squad offers more weapons to play during the match, yet in the first leg the best impact was that of the Catanzaro substitutes. It’s all about attitude. In this sense, all members of the squad will have to know how to be ready, both if used from the start and if kept available on the bench.

Stroppa gave no indications on tonight’s lineup. But he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of starting again with the two strikers. Maybe with Coda, who only came on in the final minutes of the first leg, to replace Ciofani from the first minute alongside Tsadjout.

It’s going to be a long evening. To earn the pass to the final, which will be against Venezia, Cremo will have to deal with Catanzaro, the loose cannon of these playoffs.

Mauro Maffezzoni

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