impact on the balance sheet and resale for Inter

As the 2023/24 Serie A comes to an end, the clubs are already working to build next season’s squads. Among these there is also the Juventus, which would be ready to close due to the purchase of goalkeeper Michele Di Gregorio from Monza. The goalkeeper was voted the best in the league in his role this season.

As reported by Sky Sportsthe amount of the operation would amount to 20 million euros. An important investment, which would allow on the one hand the Monza to record an excellent capital gain and which would also allow Inter to cash in, from the moment in which the Nerazzurri club, second FcInter1908boasts one percentage of 10% on the resale of the goalkeeper.

But how would this operation impact the accounts of Juventus, Inter And Monza? Starting from the Bianconeri, according to press rumors Di Gregorio will sign a contract until 2029 at 2 million euros net per season (3.7 million euros gross). If this were the case, the cost of the goalkeeper for the 2024/25 season between salary and amortization would be equal to 7.7 million euros.

Inter are also interested spectators, since the Nerazzurri have a 10% percentage on the player’s resale. In this case, the Nerazzurri club would therefore cash in 2 million euros from Monza, in addition to the just over 4 million euros already collected by the Brianza club at the time of the sale in 2022.

Finally, there is the capital gain for Monza. Di Gregorio’s net value as of 31 December 2023 (last official data available in the financial statements) was approximately 2.4 million euros. A figure that has dropped Approximately 2.1 million euros. Considering the resale in favor of Inter, the capital gain will therefore be equal to Approximately 15.9 million euros.

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