Crowd for Gennaro Tutino, the mayor of Cosenza gives him the seal of the city | Calabria7

Crowd for Gennaro Tutino, the mayor of Cosenza gives him the seal of the city | Calabria7
Crowd for Gennaro Tutino, the mayor of Cosenza gives him the seal of the city | Calabria7

A huge crowd welcomed Gennaro Tutino, the center forward of Cosenza football who this morning received the seal of the city of Cosenza from the hands of Mayor Franz Caruso. That sporting Cosenza which, with its commendable fans, has long since elected him as its idol and which has given him a great welcome also on this institutional occasion, after the successes that Tutino has achieved as leader of a team, the rossoblù, which managed to stay in Serie B, even with the arrival of coach William Viali on the bench.

The seal of the city of Cosenza is the civic merit attributed to prominent personalities who have distinguished themselves in the civil, military, social, sporting, scientific and cultural fields. Before Gennaro Tutino, as Mayor Franz Caruso recalled, the high recognition had been attributed to the Madonna del Pilerio, patron saint of the city, to Cardinal Ferdinando Filoni, Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem and former Apostolic Nuncio of Pope in Jordan, Iraq and the Philippines, and to Anthony Rota, the first Italian-Canadian president of the House of Commons in Ottawa, of Calabrian origins. Today it was Gennaro Tutino’s turn. The ceremony was very well attended, in which, in addition to the Mayor Franz Caruso and the very popular rossoblù footballer – his wife, Mrs. Arianna, also took part in the front row – the President of Cosenza Calcio, Eugenio Guarascio and the general secretary of Palazzo dei Bruzi Virginia Milano who read the motivation for the high honor. “This – said Mayor Franz Caruso, addressing Gennaro Tutino – is one of the most important occasions for the city, certainly for that sports city that has always followed the fate of our favorite team, together with our province which, like the capital city, loves you, as Cosenza loves you”. Then the Mayor thanked President Guarascio, all the management and the team “who, together with you, achieved the important result of salvation before the end of the championship”.

Franz Caruso went even further. “We hope to achieve a dream and we hope that this dream can come true together with you, Gennaro. I am sure – added the Mayor – that the President will be able to evaluate all the opportunities that the market offers, deploying all his skills to ensure that we can achieve this objective that you have already achieved, but it is important that you can do it together with us and together with all of Cosenza which from today, with this recognition, is your second city”. Again turning to Gennaro Tutino, the mayor, still remembering who had already had the city seal before him, remarked: “you are the fourth recipient to receive this recognition. We started with the Madonna del Pilerio, now we’ll end with you, draw the consequences for yourself! – commented the Mayor, drawing more than one smile from the audience. Then he explained the reasons for awarding the seal. “I chose directly and personally to award it to Gennaro Tutino because it is the merit that the Mayor can award independently, with the sharing of the entire Administration. Honorary citizenship, however, is awarded by the city council, but with a different procedure. I wanted to give it today, so that the enthusiasm, strength and passion that Gennaro and Cosenza football have always transmitted, particularly in the last part of the championship, to the fans and to our public, who from today places him in the Olympus of the greats of Cosenza football. Because only you – added Franz Caruso – after so many years have scored so many goals to surpass the record that belonged to Marco Negri. But you didn’t do it just by inflating the net, but by dragging the team and the public on a ride that put you in the position of becoming the leader with a noble soul who took the whole team by the hand and with it all of us and the fans , in an unforgettable championship finale for us.” Before concluding, the Mayor also assigned Tutino the role of point of reference for young people. “Today you represent not the champion, but those values ​​that sport must transmit to young people to make them grow better and to teach them to respect the rules”.

Another thought from the Mayor is for Gigi Marulla “whom Tutino does not surpass, but certainly equals”. Finally, a “passionate appeal” to President Guarascio: “no interference in the company’s choices, but it would be appropriate to start again in the new championship from the tandem that has dragged Cosenza into this wonderful ride which sees Gennaro Tutino and William Viali as the pillars for to be able to aspire to reach that coveted goal that Cosenza has long aspired to. We are doing everything we can to keep Gennaro Tutino here and, together with him, start the new season, to realize the dream that we all have.”

The motivation for awarding the city seal was read by the general secretary of Palazzo dei Bruzi, Virginia Milano. “Gennaro Tutino stood out as an example of sporting excellence and civic virtue, for his dedication to football and for his team spirit which inspired many young athletes and brought pride to all the people of Cosenza. His tenacity reflects the resilience and strength of character that Cosenza recognizes in its most illustrious citizens, making him worthy of receiving this honor.” The President of Cosenza Calcio Eugenio Guarascio, in thanking the Mayor Franz Caruso for the honor he wanted to confer on Gennaro Tutino, said he was “overjoyed” underlining how “today seals the concept of the values ​​of sport and Tutino has them all innate. The very fact that after having accompanied us, in 2018, in Serie B, as a protagonist, he wanted to return, means that not only from a sporting point of view, but also from the human aspect, he has a great sense of belonging to the city. We are working to do things well – said Guarascio, addressing the many fans present in the reception hall of Palazzo dei Bruzi – and we are working to do them together with Tutino”.

When he takes the floor, Gennaro Tutino is sincerely excited and proud to have just received the city’s high merit. And he has thanks for everyone, for Mayor Franz Caruso and for the fans. “You have been my fuel and my strength.” And a voice rises from the audience: “We still will be!”. “For me – adds Tutino – it is truly an honor to be here. The thing I’m happiest about is having brought so many children to the Cosenza stadium, something that makes me most proud because they are the future.” And when asked to unravel the mystery of his future he replies: “you all know how attached and in love I am with the city. I have expressed my thoughts other times. Cosenza is first in my mind and in my family’s mind. Let’s not forget, we need to talk to the other team (Parma).” And a fan from the back of the room entrusts the task to President Guarascio. Then the bomber starts signing autographs and it’s a true procession of affection.

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