70 years in verse lived in popular Piacenza

70 years in verse lived in the Piacenza Popolaresca, an initiative proposed by the poet and writer Claudio Arzani in the internal courtyard of the Fahrenheit 451 bookshop (in via Legnano) on Saturday 25 May at 5pm taking inspiration from the part of the book “70 years of dreams, illusions , hopes, poetry” (LIR editions) which, among other things, contains lyrics recalling Piacenza ‘beyond the Wall’, that is, beyond the Farnese walls, the first suburbs of the city. In practice, memories of via IV Novembre or even via Dante starting from the 1950s, of when, while the first cranes appeared and construction sites were opened, what prevailed were still meadows and fields where children played cowboys against Indians while in the evening in the areas still with poor lighting, boys and girls exchanged their first kiss.

Years between the ’50s and ’60s, years of a still ‘small’ city, in which people went to work by bicycle but the first Piaggio Vespas began to appear which allowed excursions out of town on Sundays to the villages of our valleys. Poetry, that of Arzani, which then passes through the years of protest, of cultural changes, of the conquest of civil rights up to the present day marred by the return of war which, however distant, involves our country. A situation, claims the poet, “which leaves no choice: together with Pope Francis we must say Enough sending weapons, Enough Genocide. Weapons never make peace, only death and destruction.” As usual, Dalila Ciavattini and Francesco Bonomini will contribute to the initiative.

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