Delta celebrates sustainability

#PoDeltasweek is the annual event that celebrates and promotes sustainability initiatives and challenges in the Po Delta, in line with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Posted in National festival of sustainable development organized by Asvisthe 2024 edition, which started on Monday 20 May at Ca’ Vendramin regional reclamation museum in Taglio di Po, is an important moment of discussion and promotion of sustainable practices in the area. will continue to offer new opportunities for reflection and discussion on the issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The week, which will end on May 26, will see the participation of local actors, both public and private, who will share completed and ongoing projects. Experiences and good practices from other territories will also be presented, transforming the Po Delta into a platform for knowledge and debate on numerous issues related to sustainability.

Each day will begin with activities aimed at young people, the true beneficiaries of sustainable development. The morning educational program, organized by the local Observatory for the Po Delta landscape, will be dedicated to the dissemination of the 2030 Agenda among students. In the afternoon, conferences and seminars will be held with various stakeholders involved in the implementation of the 17 objectives.

The closing conference, organized by Anbi Veneto and the Po Delta Reclamation Consortium, will be a moment to reflect on the importance of acting for sustainable change, responding to local problems. During the week, “sustainability ambassadors” will be rewarded, people who stand out for their contribution to a sustainable future in the Po Delta.

Salvina Sist, director of territorial planning of the Veneto Region, explained the importance of the Region’s patronage of events related to territorial and landscape planning. The Veneto Region, through its direction and coordination of the Regional Landscape Observatory, which involves 13 local observatories, represents a fundamental reality in Italy in this area. “This tool is essential for the region, especially at this time when the landscape plan is being drawn up in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture – he underlined – It is crucial to have a thorough knowledge of the territory, the landscape and architectural realities, and the local culture . Local observatories involve not only professionals and administrators, but also citizens who wish to contribute.”

The four universities of Veneto also participate in the event (Verona, the two universities of Venice and Padua), offering their support in the organization and coordination of the activities.

All territories, especially in periods of unpredictable weather events, require particular attention. The fragility of the territory always requires protection, valorization and control. The presence of the Regional Landscape Observatory is therefore fundamental to provide indications to the Region on policies and regulations for the management of these areas.

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