The 2024 edition closes in the name of growth, a cultural event to discover Japan that has fascinated everyone –

The 2024 edition closes in the name of growth, a cultural event to discover Japan that has fascinated everyone –
The 2024 edition closes in the name of growth, a cultural event to discover Japan that has fascinated everyone –

The third edition of Japan Show the event entirely dedicated to Japanese culture and Italian Koi Expo – International Japanese Carp Championship.

Great participation from the public in the numerous events and meetings that took place over the weekend from the workshops of Origami and of Kusudamatake the mini courses Japanese language of the Kotodama school; from the workshops of Orizomethe art of Japanese paper dyeing to those of preparation of sushi and gyoza, but also printing laboratories Mokuhangathe traditional Japanese technique of wood engraving and Chochin for creating lanterns. As well as numerous demonstrations of Martial arts, with performances by Iaido, Karate, Aikido and fighting techniques that reflect the tradition of the Bushi, the warriors of feudal Japan with Masters and students of numerous schools and Dojos such as the Bushido Clan of Brescia; Ten-no Karate Do and KSDA Academy; Aikido Budo Brescia and the Shinbu Kai Association. And then many dance performances, Kimono dressing, tea ceremony, Sumi-e painting and much more.

Special guests, the influencer Kenta Suzuki who for the first time in Cremona enchanted the audience of the Japan Show by telling curiosities and anecdotes of Japanese culture And Yoshie Nishikawa with his precious photographic exhibition “Mono no Aware”.

But the surprises aren’t over, the Koi Show awards ceremony also took place International Japanese Carp Championship beating heart of Italian Koi Expo, with 37 tubs race and beyond 180 specimens registered from all over Europe.

The Italian Koi Expo saw each other compete carp of 16 varieties: Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Bekko, Utsuri, Asagi, Sushui, Koromo, Goshiki, Kawarigoi, Hikarimuji, Hikarimoyo, Hikari-Utsuri, Tancho, Ginrin, Doitsu. The internationally renowned ZNA judges evaluated them: Rudi Van Den Broeck (Belgium), Ronald Stam (Holland), Niko Bellens (Belgium) e Ruud Besems (Holland). declaring the winners.

“This event was born during the final stages of the closure imposed by the health emergency – declares the President of CremonaFiere, Roberto Biloni – Together with IKA we wanted to propose a new and innovative event in line with the Cremonafiere Development Plan which sees the inclusion of events in our calendar, always of quality, but also intended for the general public. This last aspect is one of the strategies implemented for the growth and development of CremonaFiere and what we have seen in recent days confirms that we are on the right path to create new events with positive effects on the entire territory.”

“I am happy to have found the support and enthusiasm of a great team to bring such an important event back to Italy – he explains Luca Degani, President of IKA (Italian Koi Association -. I thank CremonaFiere for their trust and precious collaboration. Teamwork is an added value in the creation of an event of the scale of the Italian Koi Expo”.

Appointment at May 2025 with the next edition of Italian Koi Expo and Japan Show.

The event is organized CremonaFiereAnd IKA (Italian Koi Association).

More information and the complete event program are available on the official event website:

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