“Napoli found him in the hotel almost unconscious, he was collapsing”

Di Lorenzo did not take part in the match against Fiorentina due to an intestinal problem but in the following hours several rumors spread about the lack of use of the defender: the response of the agent, Mario Giuffredi, was very harsh.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo did not take part in the match with the Florentine and he played in his place Mazzocchi. The captain of the Naples he was unavailable due to an intestinal problem but in the following hours several rumors spread about the non-use of the national defender to which the person concerned promptly responded with a post on Instagram commenting with a “HOW SHAMEFUL. Sleazy people.”

After what happened yesterday, the player’s agent Mario Giuffredispeaking to TvPlay he clarified his client’s position after the fake news on the physical problem of the Italian captain: “We are considering suing the journalist who wrote the article: you don’t add fuel to the fire by writing lies about health. We were left speechless after reading this article. There is no limit to the imagination of certain people who write these They are, however, evil fantasies, indeed: they are truly unheard of atrocities. I am fine with criticizing the performance of a footballer, his year, and above all this man is Di Lorenzo, then you need to calm down. You can’t touch the moral qualities of a professional and an exemplary man. I think a journalist of his age and experience should avoid these enormous fools.”

Di Lorenzo unavailable against Fiorentina, according to his agent’s version

Giuffredi told in detail what happened to Di Lorenzo and denied piece by piece every type of different story: “After yesterday’s lunch, Di Lorenzo started having big gastrointestinal problems. Really important ones. The boy would never have been able to play in those conditions. He was at his limit. He stayed in the hotel. However, he wanted to be close to his teammates, going to watch the match in the stands: he didn’t make it. Then, the situation got worse. Do you know why this gentleman should be ashamed of throwing fuel on the fire like this, after returning to the hotel after the match? Di Lorenzo almost fainted, collapsing. You think they were forced to take an access key to Giovanni’s extra room to get in. They should really be ashamed of someone like that who throws fuel on the fire in such a delicate moment in Napoli’s recent history I add : even those in this city who follow things written without any verification must do so.”

Di Lorenzo lets off steam, the Napoli captain accused of pretending: “What a shame! Seedy”

Di Lorenzo's Instagram stories.

Di Lorenzo’s Instagram stories.

Giuffredi also spoke about the player’s current condition after the physical problem: “Giovanni needs a few days, he has lost a lot of fluids. He is bitter because he doesn’t understand how there is no end to people’s madness. We must ask ourselves whether there will really be a stop to this total lack of professionalism. We are already evaluating with our lawyers the opportunity to sue this person at a time when Naples is a potential powder keg. Inventing fake news like this at a time like this is absurd: we are evaluating everything to protect the image of the Napoli captain. You can’t make up lies and bullshit of this magnitude. This also hurts the club.”

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