gangs of boys lure adult gays, beat them up and rob them

gangs of boys lure adult gays, beat them up and rob them
gangs of boys lure adult gays, beat them up and rob them

One of the most worrying phenomena is the solicitation of gay adults by malicious individuals.

These groups of young people replicate a modus operandi typical of neo-Nazi groups active in homophobic countries: they create a fake profile on dating apps like Grindr, lure an adult homosexual man and invite him to a specific location. Once there, the group of young people, together with their accomplices, attack and rob the man. In some cases, the attacks can lead to torture, blackmail and extortion.

Over the last twelve months, similar incidents have occurred in various Italian cities, including Treviso, Florence, Perugia, Trapani, L’Aquila and Foggia.

In other situations, the contact always takes place via dating apps, but the deception is perpetrated by a single individual. There is also the case of the direct approach on the street, when the group of attackers becomes particularly large. In a trial relating to these events, the attackers justified themselves by claiming that their actions were punitive, deeming the victims pedophiles.

These crimes rarely surface due to lack of reporting by victims. In the vast majority of cases, victims prefer not to make their information traceable.

Among the most significant cases reported by Arcigay in its report, which documents 149 cases of homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia, there are the attack of 29 June 2023, reported exclusively on our pages, and another episode which occurred in September of the same year , in which the father did not accept his son’s homosexuality. reports it

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