Bergamo: The spark is missing, nothing new in the programs of the candidates Carnevali and Pezzotta

Bergamo: The spark is missing, nothing new in the programs of the candidates Carnevali and Pezzotta
Bergamo: The spark is missing, nothing new in the programs of the candidates Carnevali and Pezzotta

by Wainer Preda

The boys, outside the Mascheroni auditorium, chatter among themselves. They exchange doubts and perplexities about the public debate they have just seen between the candidates for mayor of Bergamo. Some reveal certainties dictated by personal taste, sometimes by militancy. Others haven’t had an idea yet. They will probably vote for the first time in June. And for many, Andrea Pezzotta or Elena Carnevali they don’t make much difference. “It seems to us that they are roughly equivalent,” they say. “They have similar ideas, the solutions don’t seem so different to us.”

Now there are also programs. After that of the centre-right, this week the centre-left candidate also made her profile public. It is a substantial document, about eighty pages long. It is called “You will see that Bergamo”. Carnevali, supported by the 6 lists of her coalition, defined it as “a harmonious synthesis between the different sensitivities and attentions that each one has brought”. It’s time to compare it with that of Pezzotta, finding similarities and differences. Waiting for the program Vittorio Apicella for the 5 Star Movement, which to Mascheroni seemed decidedly “alternative” to its rivals.

Safety above all

For Pezzotta, a criminal lawyer, safety is Bergamo’s first problem. He also reiterated this in the comparison with Mascheroni. And it was very clear and decisive. «First of all, control of the territory and repression of crimes. It’s the only way to resolve the issue » he said. Even with the military, used as a deterrent. They couldn’t do anything else. Whether it is a formula that works remains to be demonstrated. But the proposal has gathered support.

Safety is also a priority for Carnevali. His approach, however, is a mix of control and care for fragilities and deviances. In his program he proposes an increase in local police officers on the streets, new foot patrols from the station to the centre, mobile units in the neighbourhoods. And the recovery of the marginalized (things also foreseen by Pezzotta but expressed in a different way).

In the Carnevali program there is also a request to the Ministry to increase the contingent of the “safe streets” operation, i.e. the Alpine troops in the station. If so, it will not be easy to force its pragmatism to be swallowed by a coalition that has always had strong doubts on the subject. A hand could come from Sergio Gandi, outgoing deputy mayor with responsibility for security. But, politically, everything will depend on the personal consensus that the two will gather.

Then there is mobility

Another decisive issue. Pezzotta goes hard: «You don’t move in the city anymore. The road system must be changed.” The centre-right candidate proposes a “super manager” who will address the issue. Then an underground car park at the foot of the Walls, with a lift in the “Montagnetta” area. And a new large car park in the centre, yet to be identified.

Carnevali wants to continue with the 30 zones. Enhance cycling. But he admits that there are critical points on which action must be taken. For this reason you also propose a “super manager” external to the Municipality who will take care of public works.

Now, the external consultant, suggested by both, has the effect of disavowing what the Municipality’s technicians have done so far. Secondly, it is a way – very political – of placing a buffer figure between the administration and the citizens. We’ll see if it’s effective. Certainly, the approach is different on parking. Pezzotta wants one in the center too. Carnivals instead on the edges of the city. Including the one with a thousand seats at the former Reggiani, whose area, however, is a big question.

Long live the young people (and the others?)

Aside from the general statements (“Young people are our future”, thank you), Carnevali proposes (…)

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