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«In the first 4 months of 2024, in the emergency rooms of the ASL Bt, 40 women declared acts of violence: the numbers are constantly increasing and not because the phenomenon is new but because the awareness of women and of anyone who suffers violence has increased, it has increased trust in institutions and health workers’ ability to decode undeclared situations of violence has improved”. Yesterday in Bisceglie the training event “Code Pink and support for women victims of violence” was held, organized by the ASL Bt with the collaboration of the Anti-Violence Centers of the Territory and the participation of all the institutions involved: municipalities, Prefecture, Prosecutor’s Office and forces of the Order.

«The solution is not prison – said the Prosecutor of the Court of Trani Renato Nitti – in the Prosecutor’s Office we have adopted the Red Code, we have a dedicated working group, we adopt precautionary measures and security measures but what is needed is to create synergy with the local social services, health workers, the reference communities, the Juvenile Court. We must work together to intervene earlier, we must recognize ourselves among operators to work on prevention.”

Commissioner Alfredo Fabbrocini also insisted on the concept of prevention: “We must intervene sooner but we need to do cultural and social work, we need to report cases that may be suspicious, give us the opportunity to intervene immediately.”

During the event, the diagnostic-therapeutic path for the management of women victims of violence active in the ASL Bt was presented: «The pink code has been active for some time, we have a pink room for the correct management of women victims of violence but all the activity has been perfected over time through various tools – underlined Antonella Inglese and Ivana Favia, managers of the Barletta Emergency Department – from the questionnaire to verify undeclared domestic violence, to the single clinical form, to the definition of the chain of custody and psychological report. Also important are medico-legal consultancy, the use of the diagnosis code upon discharge and close collaboration with anti-violence centres.”

«The improvement of the diagnostic therapeutic path dedicated to women victims of violence, the work being carried out by the trauma treatment center which takes care of minors and an intense training activity aimed at all healthcare workers – added the General Director of the ASL Bt Tiziana Dimatteo – are tangible signs of the attention we are dedicating to the correct management of cases of violence”.

The event was organized with the scientific responsibility of Irene Riezzo, medical examiner of the ASL Bt: «We must always guarantee the balance between clinical needs, protection needs and judicial needs – she underlined – our task is to support emergency workers in the correct management of cases of violence in such a way as to put the police and the judiciary in the conditions to work at their best”.

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