arrested by the Carabinieri! The minor girlfriend was also involved

arrested by the Carabinieri! The minor girlfriend was also involved
arrested by the Carabinieri! The minor girlfriend was also involved

The services of Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Potenza aimed at combating drug dealing continue to provide operational feedback in the Potenza hinterland.

In the last nightthe Carabinieri of The Operational Unit and Radiomobile of Potenza arrested a very young man and released his girlfriend, who was still a minor, into freedom.for illicit possession of narcotic substances for the purpose of trafficking.

During a specific service, the Carabinieri, passing by in front of the young man’s house, they couldn’t help but notice the boy, first standing at the door of the house and then, at their sight, move with caution trying to get back without attracting too much attention.

The checks started immediately and, after the identification, verifying the details, the Carabinieri carried out a personal and home search which allowed the discovery of almost eleven grams of hashish, packaging material and four precision scales.

On the same occasion, while the soldiers were entering the house, the boy’s underage girlfriend threw a backpack out the window which, however, was immediately recovered by the military.

Inside there was a container obtained inside a fake book which concealed 17 grams of hashish, 27 grams of cocaine and 630 euros in small denomination banknotes.

All material subjected to seizure and made available to the competent judicial authorities.

Upon completion of the investigations and after the necessary formalities, the boy was declared under arrest and placed under house arrest while the girl was transferred in a state of freedom to the Potenza Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and entrusted to her parents.

The hearing held before the GIP of the Court of Potenza saw the arrest made by the Carabinieri validated with the provision of the precautionary measure of house arrest against the very young man.

It should be noted that the principle of presumption of innocence applies for both suspects until a final conviction is reached.

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