Milan Post | North Park Expands Thanks to 150 Hectares

Parco Nord Milano expands its borders and expands by 150 hectares of territory in the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, part of the Grubrìa Local Park of Supramunicipal Interest (PLIS). In fact, this week, the City Council of Cinisello Balsamo unanimously approved the resolution to include the areas north of the Municipality, in the Parco Nord Milano, thus guaranteeing greater environmental protection of the territory.

A far-sighted and strategic choice for future generations who are guaranteed the presence of a green lung, as the Regional Park has more stringent regulations than those of the PLIS. This is the epilogue of an action that comes from below, thanks to the work of local associations, a network of 53 third sector bodies, who collected signatures for the appeal to transfer the areas and then presented it as an official request to the Municipal Administration. The annexation of the 150 hectares of land to the North Milan Park leads the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo to become the partner municipality with the largest regional park surface area within it; while the Parco Nord Milano expands northwards with new territories with a predominantly agricultural vocation.

“We are writing a new page of history for Cinisello Balsamo which will see the birth of a Great Park protected through the annexation of two green city lungs” – comments Giacomo Ghilardi, Mayor of Cinisello Balsamo – “The entry of the Cinisello areas of the Grubrìa to The interior of the North Milan Park allows this portion of the park to be given greater protection through more stringent environmental constraints, guaranteeing its protection as a natural heritage for future generations”.

“The excellent work carried out by PLIS allows us to receive areas in good condition, well managed and maintained, which expand the boundaries of Parco Nord Milano, increasing its richness in terms of biodiversity, agricultural landscape and use. The new areas acquired are in fact connected to the North Milan Park through a long uninterrupted cycle path, a good starting point for creating new ecological connections in the future. The new areas will have significant and better protection in the regional park” – comments Marzio Marzorati, President of Parco Nord Milano – “I thank the Mayor of Cinisello for his attention and care, the entire City Council and above all the countless associations that have supported and made this achievement possible, which will benefit the entire community. The Parco Nord Milano is preparing in a participatory way its 50th anniversary which will fall next year”.

After the decisive approval of the City Council, the process will continue with the convening of the Programmatic Conference of the North Milan Park and the final expansion resolution of the Regional Council of our Region.

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